A Poem On Death
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Death, the great unknown,
The destination we all must one day own,
It comes to us like a thief in the night,
Taking us from this world without a fight.

It comes in many forms, we all know,
Some sudden, some slow,
But in the end, the result is the same,
Leaving loved ones to mourn and grieve in pain.

But death is not just an end,
It's a beginning, a transcend,
A journey to a place we cannot see,
But where we hope our souls will be free

Perhaps it's just a passing on,
To a realm where our spirits will dawn,
Or maybe it's a final rest,
Where we'll find peace and be truly blessed.

Whatever it is, we cannot know,
For it's a mystery that won't let go,
But one thing is certain, we must say,
That death will come to all, one day.

So let us not fear its grasp,
But face it with courage, and with clasp,
For in its embrace, we'll find release,
And finally, our souls will rest in peace.

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