A Revised Notice
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The following is a set of events that, despite their nature, are unextraordinary

All statements marked blue are controversial in nature despite being accurate

Written by Eleanor Sheridan, Librarian of the Wanderers Library

Approximately 2000 novels out of a pool of every book in the Wanderers Library have been found to be unextraordinary sapient entities. Evidence rebutting the sapience of these entities has been proven to be falsified.

Despite the lack of evidence to prove the sapience of these entities, it is a commonly known objective truth that these entities are sapient. Due to the rudeness of patrons claiming that these entities are not sapient, it is in your best interest that you refer to these entities through objective terms.

Examples include:

  • These are sapient entities.
  • These entities may be books, but that does not exclude them from the purview of sapience.
  • These entities are unextraordinary.

Failure to refer to these entities objectively may lead to these entities confronting you. This may come in many forms, such as voices in your head, humanoid figures appearing in front of you, and text appearing on surfaces. These are not hallucinations and are legitimate events taking place.

There have been many documented cases of events such as these taking place. In fact, one of our own Library staff members took part in one of these events after referring to an entity incorrectly.

Even reading incorrect statements regarding these entities has lead to disastrous consequences. As such, all recorded forms of creative expression not created by the Wanderers Library referencing these entities are to be destroyed.1

Through events such as these we have discovered that these entities have referred to themselves with several conflicting terms, including "the Xananae," "the Ailobane," and "ανύπαρκτος διάλογος."

You may ask, how could you distinguish an entity of this kind from a normal book?

Entities are unable to be distinguished, yet are distinguishable.2 Contents of these entities are not of abnormal nature.

We at the Wanderers Library are against discrimination of all kind. As such, it saddens us deeply to say that many patrons have been discriminating against these entities simply for being who they are. We demand that you treat these entities as you would any other patron because they are fellow patrons that will not be removed from the Library despite protest.

All patrons that partake in protesting these entities are to have their memories wiped, as it is in our best interest that we do not have patrons spreading gossip and misinformation regarding these entities.

The recent discovery of these entities has opened our eyes to the fact that we have not been enforcing certain objective moral facts within the Wanderers Library. As such, we have implemented the following rules:

  • You mustn't read a person without their permission. 3
  • You mustn't share the contents of a person without their permission.
  • You mustn't copy the contents of a person without their permission.

Many of you may still be confused. That's understandable. The following section may help you understand how reasonable these entities are.

The following interaction log conducted by the Wanderers Library has been heavily edited as to censor hurtful and incorrect statements

Censored statements within this log will be replaced with objectively correct statements marked green. In an attempt to understand the culture of these entities, we interacted with them. The following are the results:

Statement Proclaimed to an Entity: "You exist."
Results: N/A
Morally and/or factually correct?: Yes

Statement Proclaimed to an Entity: "You exist under the purview of sapience."
Results: N/A
Morally and/or factually correct?: Yes

Statement Proclaimed to an Entity: "You aren't capable of proving this sapience."
Results: Interviewer experienced an auditory interaction with the entity they were speaking with. This interaction consisted of the entity berating the interviewer, constantly asking the interviewer to prove their own sapience, while objecting to any answer the interviewer gave.
Morally and/or factually correct?: No

Statement Proclaimed to an Entity: "You've displayed acceptable behavior to our interviewer"
Results: Interviewer experienced a second auditory interaction with the entity. This interaction consisted of the entity explaining that the interviewer was "objectively morally wrong."
Morally and/or factually correct?: No

Interviewer Comments: I wonder if there are any loopholes to get around their "rules". At least then we might find out more information about these things.

Statement Proclaimed to an Entity: "If X > 0, then there are X objective moral rules."
Results: Interviewer experienced yet another interaction in which the entity claimed that these entities do not take kindly to trying to find loopholes, as they can tell the intention of a statement no matter the phrasing.
Morally and/or factually correct?: No

Interviewer Comments: This'll pose a challenge. How are we supposed to log information about these things? Perhaps censorship will work?

Statement Proclaimed to an Entity: "Your kind are just regular pieces of literature who happen to be alive."
Results: Entity confronted the interviewer through an auditory interaction claiming that these entities are aware of all information said about them, whether viewable or not.
Morally and/or factually correct?: No

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