A Wanderers' Guide To First Aid In The Library: Aquatic Regions
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You dive slowly toward the shelves below. As you descend you notice something shimmering in the water beside you. There's a note in a barnacle-covered bottle. You open the bottle and pull out the note. The paper remains firm in spite of the chilly water around it. You begin to read.

From the office of the Wanderers' Library chief medical officer: Dr. Norine Ray

Splish-splash wanderer! It's time for you to dive deeper into your quest for knowledge! But delving into the depths of information and mystery can lead to uncertain and dangerous tides. And we’d hate to see any of our patrons ‘sink’ into their research without knowing how to safely conduct themselves. Worry not! Our outstanding medical team is here to throw you a lifeline. With this guide at your side and a bit of luck, you’ll avoid the most common afflictions and have nothing but smooth sailing on your visit to our library’s aquatic regions.

Thought Bubbles:

Ever had a thought you just couldn't get out of your head? Perhaps a catchy tune or saying? You might have come down with a case of Thought Bubbles. Despite the silly name, there’s a lot more to Thought Bubbles than what those comics would have you believe. Caused by high water pressure, Thought Bubbles are small pockets of thoughts and memories that get trapped in one's mind. Commonly presenting as migraines, pressure behind the eyes, or popping in the ears, many wanderers’ tend to ignore the signs as traditional consequences of deep water travel. If left alone to fester, Thought Bubbles will grow, ending with explosive outcomes. Sadly, this is a common occurrence for inexperienced patrons trying to travel to areas they aren't prepared for.

Nobody wants to be the party pooper that makes a mess in the water. So if you have something on your mind that you can't quite shake, try coming up for some air. The bubbles will eventually fade from the lack of pressure, free of any lingering after-effects. Or if you're feeling a tad cheeky, a solid smack to the back of the head can create enough of a jolt to burst the bubble. Just be careful that your helping hand doesn't land you in trouble with the watchful eyes of our staff. Alternatively, there are third-party vendors you can pay to extract Thought Bubbles for you. These artisans use a special resin mixture to coat the bubble to prevent it from popping, making a one-of-a-kind snow globe. A perfect and unique gift for that special someone!

Soul Leeches:

Have you ever rushed to grab your favorite book, only to lose energy halfway there? It may not be your fault. Soul Leeches are a naturally occurring parasite found in aquatic regions of the Library. Translucent and very hard to notice in dark waters, these 5cm long nuisances have a tendency to latch on to unaware patrons. Soul Leeches feed off the life forces or magical energies of their victims. I know most readers would think that sounds pretty spooky, but the energy drained is negligible unless you're unfortunate enough to attract a swarm. It's easy enough to notice if you've caught the attention of some soul leeches, not only by the pain you'd feel but also by the sight. The leeches undergo physical changes while they feed, using the energy they feast on to glow in gorgeous rainbow hues. Schools of these glowing terrors are known to provide awe-inspiring sights in the deeper recesses of the deep water areas.

Soul Leeches will simply fall off and swim away after they’ve had their fill. We don’t recommend you try to cut them off or remove them, as that may damage your own soul. Instead, try luring them away with a non-organic magic source, as that's often all it takes for a patron to be left alone. Distracting the leeches without allowing them to feed is your best option. We sell bio-degradable magic light orbs to improve vision while browsing the shelves which also act as leech bait. If you're interested in buying one, ask the nearest Page or Docent for directions to the nearest medical office.

Crease Curses:

Some of our human patrons might remember the times they went swimming and ended up with wrinkly skin on the pads of their fingers and toes. A silly result of getting wet. But don’t be fooled, my dear reader, because crease curses are much more nefarious than that. These curses are contracted in areas with high magical energy density. As the energy gets absorbed- the skin begins to wrinkle. Early stages look like average water-wrinkled skin and can easily be missed. If allowed to progress, the later stages will lead to the entire body crumpling in on itself. Quite a lethal experience for most patrons.

Crease curses, thankfully, are easy enough to resolve given enough time. All you need to do is dry off, so to speak! Simply leaving the area and allowing the excess energy to leave your system will cure the curse. Those of a more daring disposition may be inclined to use Soul Leeches to drain the curse away. While we of the medical team can appreciate a patron's dedication to their reading and the determination to not waste time away from the book of your dreams, we don't recommend this treatment option. The number of leeches required to effectively treat this condition would far outweigh any benefits gained in time saved.

Gill Lung:

Adventurous terrestrial patrons visiting aquatic regions should take heed. There’s no time to stop and take a breather when it comes to your health. Especially if you end up developing a case of Gill Lung! A terrible condition exclusive to all non-aquatic species of patrons who venture too deep into our halls. The respiratory system( traditionally lungs, trachea, etc) is spontaneously swapped with a set of gills. The transformation is nonlethal, as the gills are fully functional, but tends to be quite shocking to most, and often horribly painful to undergo. If your travels take you to the deepest trenches in search of your prize and you start noticing the Pages with the Hermit crab-like shells, you should take it as a sign to turn back.

Currently, there is no existing cure for Gill Lung. Wanderers can make an appointment at one of our medical offices for organ replacement surgery. Due to the extensive and invasive nature of the procedure, we of the medical team would suggest any afflicted Patrons thoroughly consider all the risks before opting for this route. If surgery is not an option for whatever reason, our medical team would be happy to provide reading materials or schedule therapy sessions to help get wanderers' informed and acclimated to their new submerged lifestyle.

Now, don’t you feel better prepared for your trip to the Library? We hope the information in this guide will help keep you safe the next time you take a dive by the Library. Don't forget to keep an eye out for our other guides on your visit!

Happy Reading!

*This pamphlet is for general instruction only. The Wanderers’ Library takes no official responsibility for any disease, natural illness, or cases of drowning a patron may experience during their stay here. The Wanderers’ Library does not encourage, nor dissuade air-breathing patrons, patrons who can not swim, etc from visiting our aquatic regions. Visit these areas at your own risk. Please consult your healthcare provider if you have any questions about the contents of this guide or schedule an appointment with one of our physicians today.

It's not here. You assumed if you sunk to the darkest depths you'd be able to find your prize. Now you're cold,wet, and no closer to your goal than you were before. No matter, this was one setback that you wouldn't let stop you. Time to look elsewhere.

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