Ambrose Arietes’s Nest
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Welcome to the Crowfriend’s Nest

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“He’s real purple. Never seen anyone purpler.” - XHAWK77XXHAWK77X | “has tried on multiple occasions to assassinate me, and has gotten very close. 10/10.” - FernlomFernlom | “Before I read AmbroseArietes’s work, I was a fan of the Wanderer’s Library. Now I’m still a fan of the Wanderer’s Library, but I feel like I’ve peeped a horror.” - DigitalPrincess234DigitalPrincess234 | “This author page page fills me with as much pure raw homosexual energy as AmbroseArietes when he just happens to GLIMPSE at [DATA EXPUNGED]1. And that’s hard feeling to match,” - SWEET2OOTHSWEET2OOTH | “Ambrose Arietes wanderers library solos goku not clickbait!!!!” - fora-minafora-mina | "Very squishable, crushable, explosive and all around defeatable" - Snapdragon133Snapdragon133

If you climb high enough to reach Yggdrasil’s branches, you’ll stumble across a treehouse. A pile of shinies sits beside the door, a few corvids piling more. It’s small, perhaps only one room within. There lives the Crowfriend. The nickname’s origins are obvious enough. His actual name is forgotten to me, but he goes by Ambrose.

But seriously, who is AmbroseArietesAmbroseArietes?

Me! Hi! I’m Ambrose! I’m an author, now? Interesting!

I don’t have much interesting to say. I’m an artist. I’m disabled. That’s it, really. I spend most of my time online.

Ah, no pity party, though! You’re here for my works! Check the other tabs.

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