An Abandoned Dust Jacket
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Photograph of the Author (fifth from the left, second row).

Todd Ingram is, and has been for some time. He was born a fairly long while ago, which he considers the turning point of his writing career. His first book, Jelly, Magnesium, and the Secret to Eternal Youth, has never been published, and remains to this day in a freezer somewhere east of Kokomo, Indiana. Since then, Ingram has published a number of vignettes and short stories, many of which have been hailed by literary critics as 'coherent' and 'grammatically sound'. He currently lives in a free-floating brick cottage on a chartreuse moon with his lawyer and his pet snake, Dr. Maxie Ford. One time he had this really funny dream.


Appendix's Day Out

  • or "How the Vermiform Appendix Found Its Niche"


  • or "The Trials and Tribulations of Seamus Wintertoes"

Asking Nicely

  • or "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Mars"


Emerson's Eye

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