And I Died
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And I died on the Beginning of the Book.
And the World blossomed from my pages,
And my pages blossomed from the Universe.
And my Madness invaded the World
Because I could’t live with the Truth.

And the World couldn’t live with the truth either
Nor its cruel past,
But people still swam in its phrases
Like something desperate to live.

And bad started seeming good,
And good started seeming strange.
And they realized that
Emotions aren’t rocks
That can be thrown to a lake and disappear.

And they comprehended my Madness
And called it their sanity.
And they started using it
To resolve anguish and mysteries.
Mysteries, that drowned with me.

And to think it all started
The day you left me
To another dimension,
To another world.
And my painful truths needed to transform
But they stayed in my mind
And in my pen.
And they became
My Madness.

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