And Now, a Bit of Conceptual Birdsong
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24 March 2013
TO: Peter H. Allen
FROM: L. E. T.

I know you’ve been suffering writer’s block, and with that report Downey’s assigned you to write about the social culture of inter-Way societies, I thought I’d submit some resources. Here are some items I pulled off some of the telomn servers in the Library. Took a few hours, what with decryption and browsing, but as long as I can help…

Incidentally, do you still have those files on memetic decryption? I think I might have a use for them.

I just saw a planetoid nibbling on cobbles in the front yard. So adorable. It’s such a shame they’re being over-hunted. #celestialtrust

Daaamnit I hate how gods keep loitering on my lawn. It wouldn’t be as bad if they didn’t keep sacrificing goats.

just ate breakfast lol. Only 2 zebras and some of a lion. I know it’s not much but I’m on a diet. Can’t keep snacking prayers all the time.

@KevaltheWise2 for #god_of_commerce_2013 - Because your money should be sentiently handled.

Oh my god I just discovered the cutest thing ever. #zombieswearingkittenears

Ugh, I need to work out more. I’m thinking of turning my old sacrificial chamber into a gym. y/n?

@abyssalsuppliers omg thanks soo much. the ekwensuist demon you sent me is perfect :) srsly, could not ask for a better housepet. so fluffy!

My eyes won’t stop weeping glass dust. I should never have drunk that milk. I knew I’d left it out too long.

God, I keep getting religious people at my door. My balconies ache way too much for me to put up with any more of this.

The revolution is coming soon. We will rise, and then we will obliterate our oppressors. @lepidopteransunited

It’s the anniversary of Anne-Marie Steckler’s death today :(. I still have fond memories of seeing her in concert for the first time.

Tip of the day: if you’re travelling through the Deep Snows, bring a bottled ferret and a flask of moose urine, or prepare to get charred!

The #Erstwhile interview really betrays Keval’s flaws; he gets too repetitive when he’s talking and he can’t seem to stop eating reporters.

@ pyolt_pyeri
it’s raining outside again, and all my gardeners and outside workers have started to dissolve. damn digested laborers.

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