And Then There Was Light
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“It's been a while doctor. Please tell me you have something for me. The shareholders are demanding an update on their product”

“Of course ma’am. You'll be pleased to know that your investments haven't been for nothing. The funding you provided has greatly improved our manufacturing timeline. The next generation of M.O.B -Modified Organic Battle- class kaiju have been gestating and developing well. The Unit 1 prototype should be ready for deployment in 3 weeks.”

“Unit 1? Prototype? Doctor, I think you’re confused. I was promised a whole line of IDDL-ready titans by the end of the quarter. And here you are still playing with the prototype?


“No, you listen to me. We are one of the leading corporations in the deathmatch scene because we have been able to provide viewers with the most scientifically advanced kaiju on the market in a timely manner. I will not have you make a fool of me because you were dragging your feet. I don't care what you have to do, but you will have that kaiju ready for its primetime debut before the deadline, or funding for your department will be the least of your worries.

And then there was light.

And with that light came pain.

Bubbles circulated through the incubation tank, brushing past the kaiju’s skin waking it to its new hell. A heart beat for the first time, invigorated by adrenaline and fear as a cold new world made itself known to the young creature. It thrashed, attempting to use whatever means it could to move, only to be met with pain and futility. A cacophony of wires, needles, and tubes tangled and pierced the infant creature's tender hide. A veritable web of plastic and metal which kept it suspended in the center of its incubation tank.

A series of strobing orange lights cut across the rows of sterile white lab lights above the tank. If it were capable of comprehending the sound, it would have noticed the alert “ COMMENCE STRUCTURAL FORTIFICATION INJECTION: SUBJECT MOB1”. A harsh, low alarm thrummed through the tank as liquid fire was pumped through MOB1’s veins. MOB1 mewled in agony, struggling for freedom. Every moan and whimper that escaped its still-developing vocal cords were quickly swallowed up by the light blue bio gel surrounding it. The wires held, what little strength it had fleeting into nothingness. Through the lack of strength and paralysis, MOB1 could only look on.

Gel and tear-filled eyes obfuscated most of the details, yet MOB1 could still make out… something. Monsters. What else could they be? Clad in white shells, it could see the fluctuating forms of its tormentors- pointing and gesturing, scurrying around outside the tank. Clicking away on terminals full of flashing lights and glowing screens as yet another wave of fire coursed through it, burning its way through every sinew in its body.
And as the world faded, a new fire started to burn within MOB1’s chest. It stared on through transparent lids, sinking into a hate-fueled slumber.

And then there was light.

And with that light came panic.

A flood of new, unfamiliar stimulants came crashing down on the Kaiju. Gone were the rows of fluorescent lights, the sun's rays glaring down upon MOB1s sensitive eyes instead. The constant rush of swirling biogel was replaced by a gentle whoosh of spring air and the steady pitch of a now properly self beating heart. It did not know where it was or how it had gotten there. The thumping beat turned into a roar as its heart raced faster. It heard… it feltit felt


A notion, alien yet profound washed through MOB1s mind. The thought was not its own, but its meaning- and its effect- were not lost. Its breathing steadied and pupils dilated as the kaiju relaxed. And after a few minutes, MOB1 was able to appreciate its surroundings for the first time. It stood with its back to a looming mountainside, singing rainforests to its left. To the north, a cool breeze blew in off a lake. MOB1 took a few shaky steps forward, finding its stride on newly acquired legs. Its claws sunk into the lake's sandy shore as it gazed into the distance, watching the water and sky mingle into a seamless weave.


The voice again whispered its way through MOB1s very being. It lingered as a gentle, persistent buzz- unyielding and firm. MOB1 did not wish to leave the lake, the water providing a measure of comfort to this new world, but gave in. It turned away, heading in whatever direction lessened the irritation.

MOB1 wandered for hours without purpose, only turning when the buzz in its mind flared back to life. It was a peaceful trek, the jungle trees and roots offering little resistance to the hulking creatures' march. A path, worn through the earth where many had trod before, lead the way forard. But as the hours passed, the sickly sweet humid jungle air gradually gave way to arid plains as the path lead to a canyon— littered with towering rock formations.


Fear and hesitancy set in. The newest and most unpleasant of the days new experiences. Even from a distance, MOB1 could tell the area was trouble. Claw marks were gouged deep into the rock towers. The smell of death and rot permeated the area, hanging in the air like a blanket. MOB1 knew, deep in a primal corner of its being, that something lurked in the canyon. Dangerous.


The concept of thought was still a new one to MOB1, but it didnt take long for it to think otherwise about going in. Doing so would only lead to danger. It raised a mighty, clawed foot forward to turn and leave and… took a step forward. Shrill shrieks of panic rang out as MOB1’s body betrayed its will and pushed it forward into the canyon.

Why? Why couldn’t it run? Muscles stiffened and froze as it slowly lost the autonomy to command its own body in any other direction. MOB1 slammed its tail against the ground in retaliation, eyes darting around to get a better view from a head that would no longer freely move. If the titanic infant could grasp the concept of pleading for freedom, MOB1 certainly would have done so. But there was no amount of struggling, nor pleading that would free it. Nothing that would allow MOB1 to retreat from the encroaching rocks and back into a position of control and safety.

And then the world faded with a thunderous, and painful, crunch.

And then there was light.

And with that light came perplexion.

MOB1 blinked furiously, desperate to correct its vision. With each blink, the blue midday sky faded into black, memory catching up to perception. Neon designs swirled and danced among the twinkling stars overhead. As marvelous as the sight was, it was not what kept MOB1s attention. Rather, what it noticed was the writhing mass of flesh and noise seated at its feet. Each speck in the crowd flashing with the occasional light. Before the crowd one stood- an array of lights trained on the miniscule solitary figure. Its voice rang out, echoing through the barren wastes and the crowd hushed.

Seconds turned to minutes and minutes into hours as MOB1 stood, transfixed in place. Again incapable of moving as it wished, not even capable of a flick of its tail, it remained a stationary icon for the crowd to ogle as the speech continued. MOB1 hated the noise, the high squeaks from the speakers of the drones flying by its ears. With no other distraction, MOB1 took its gaze skyward, captivated by the frolicking lights above. Streams of blues, yellows, greens, and reds… Reds

The air rippled with the blasts of fireworks, the sounds of the joyous display sinking into its mind like nails. With every blast, a new memory of the hours past rose back to the surface.

*Boom* *Boom* *Boom*

Boom. Rock splintered as MOB1 was tackled into a cliffside. It shook aside the pain and roared, facing its assailant. The challenger reared itself up on two legs, rising to meet the newcomer. A mountain of muscle, more scar than creature…

*Boom*. The fireworks blossomed into ever more intricate shapes as the hum of the crowd melded into an all-encompassing beat. It was a small reprieve for MOB1, yet more memories came flooding back to MOB1s mind, even as it began to feel the oozing, throbbing wound in its side.

*Boom* *Boom* *Boom*

Flashes of crimson-coated claws and blood-soaked ground. The enemy stood defiant, breathing labored from the drawn-out conflict. MOB1 had slashed and bit, but the other just kept coming. There was no winning, it wanted to run. To survive.


The voice again, this time more thunderous and angry, rang out. An all-powerful current coursing through MOB1s brain that it could not resist. MOB1 hunched forward taking a fighting stance. It pounced.

Nonono. Run. Flee.


Teeth sank deep into MOB1s scaled hide. MOB1 raked its claws deep into the gut of the behemoth.

It hurt. So much pain, MOB1 just wanted the pain to stop. Why was it still fighting?



MOB1s body mustered all its remaining might to ram into the enemy kaijus chest, knocking it back. Like a viper, MOB1 struck its neck forward, plunging rows of razor teeth into the fleshy underside of the kaiju's neck. With a wet crunch, the enemy collapsed to the ground.

Like a conqueror, MOB1 stepped, placing one foot atop its fallen conquest.

And it roared. A cry of fury and pain that could be heard for miles. The crowd paused, startled, before answering back, roaring with manic excitement and pride in their colossal champion.

And as the night drew on, the crowds slowly dispersed. The stage lights flickered off, and the drones ceased their dancing, their neon lights petering out one by one. Leaving the titan to suffer alone in the dark. The remote paralysis lifted, finally allowing MOB1 to stagger forward in pain. The series of cuts and scrapes, bite marks and slashes, across MOB1s body joined the gaping wound in its side. Screaming with pain and gushing with blood.

And the world went dark, the towering creature came tumbling to the ground, succumbing to the pain.

And then there was light.

And with that light came pain.

MOB1 awoke to find itself in a vaguely familiar hall. Sterile white walls with rows of cold, fluorescent tube lights adorning the ceiling. Column after column of incubation tubes, roiling with bio-gel laid off in the distance. Flashes of a time long past attempted to settle in MOB1s mind. Thoughts of liquid fire and monsters veiled in white- all pushed aside. There were new pains to deal with.

Meekly looking around, MOB1 found itself assailed by a horde of mechanical nightmares. Drones flittered to and fro around its body. Some stabbed through its tough skin, collecting blood. Others worked in groups to tear off chunks of scale and nail, quickly flying away with their chitinous prizes. Large arms descended from the ceiling, cutting through MOB1 with searing blades of light. The arms cut, with surgical precision, before another would plunge deep into the gaping wound. Removing samples of muscle and organs as they went.

There was no grand escape, no noble final stand for the powerful titan. MOB1 was simply too tired and injured to break from its restraints and free itself. Instead, it resigned itself to its fate. Groaning in pain and waiting for the end.

The machines eventually retreated, and the platform MOB1 was chained to began to roll. Slowly, the heavy tires turned until it came to rest within a colossal chamber, walls lined with a multitude of holes. MOB1 took one last look at its surroundings before closing its eyes and letting out one last sigh as the doors closed behind it. The walls let loose a fwoosh of air. The space behind the walls slowly turning from a warm red to orange to white. The flames slowly licked their way out from the wall and over MOB1s body, searing the flesh from the kaijus corpse.

And then there was darkness.

And with the darkness came peace.

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