Art Mycotherapy
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Through the Holloway Way


It was a small building deep within the woods; an old Victorian-era cabin. The leaves surrounding it had been raked into piles that smelled musty with spores and the tinge of decay. Slightly concerning but far from unusual considering who lived inside. The porch floorboards creaked, there was a piece of duct tape wrapped around one of the decorative columns, and while C. Ignota had clearly been cleaning they took great care to avoid disturbing the brightly colored fungus growing out of the wood.

The vinyl print shop sign above the door read "Ignota's Mycotherapy" with a logo of a deer and a link to a website listed below. The resident seemingly accidentally ordered it with a white background material and had traced around the design as best they could with black acrylic paint.

Through the front window, you could see pictures hung on the walls, a greater concentration of fungus, and spores floating through the room. Your appointment wouldn't be for another half hour but it's always fun to look at the new artwork.

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