Ignota's Illustrated Writing Prompts
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Original Theme

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This is exactly what it looks like,

art by me that can be used as prompts for stories, poems, anything you'd like to write! These are also simultaneously being posted on the SCP wiki. These images are left intentionally vague. Don't be afraid to interpret wildly! What might be a rabbit to one person can be a duck to another. You can either use the art in your work or simply take inspiration from it.

These are going to be released in series of semi-related images sharing an art style, theme, and general vibe. Make sure to click the collapsibles to view all the images. You can use as many as you want but don't have to use all images in a series to use one, these are designed so you can pick and choose the ones that fit your narrative.

If you plan on using an image, put your name(s) in the "Claimed by" section along with the current date. Multiple people can claim the same images. You don't HAVE to do this, I just wanna know what people are interested in most. Think of it as a vote on what you like best. Any names that have been listed longer than 6 months without posting an article will be removed, or you can remove it yourself before then.

Once you've posted your story, remove your claim and add a link to your completed work with your name(s) next to it.

Granted, all of this is just courtesy, these images are all released under CC-BY-SA 3.0 and there's nothing stopping you from doing whatever you'd like with them as long as you provide proper credit.

Now go hog wild and have fun! -IronShearsIronShears

(Also yes I know this is similar to the current contest but I was planning on doing this before that was announced.)


Series I

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