Attribution Metadata

Welcome to the Attribution Metadata page. This page is used to store user attributions in cases where they could not be stored natively by the site's software platform, or to override them if they were stored incorrectly. This includes information about authors, coauthors, rewrites, translations, and other similar things.

Please note that this page is only used to attribute original site content to past and present members of the site. Attributions for off-site materials or to individuals unaffiliated with the site, such as image attributions, are kept elsewhere.


This page can only be edited by staff members. If you would like to add an entry, please contact RounderhouseRounderhouse or another staff member to add it to the page.

If you think that information about a page created by another person is incorrect, please contact a staff member.

The "name" column must match the ending of the page's url. This includes everything after the last dash ("/") character. Where applicable, the category must be included as well. Note that the title of the page can be different from its name.

At present, only the following values are accepted in the "type" column:

  • author - to override the original creator of the page, or to indicate multiple co-authors.
  • translator - for pages originally written on one of the translation off-shots.

The "date" column denotes when this particular user became associated with the page. For authors, this is identical to the page's creation date and may be omitted. For rewrites, this is the date on which the rewrite was posted. For translators, this is the date on which the translation was posted.

The value of the "date" column must follow the "YYYY-MM-DD" pattern - 4-digit year, followed by 2-digit month, and 2-digit date. In cases were the value is in single digits, it must be zero-filled, e.g. 2016-01-05 for January 5, 2016.

Empty fields must contain at least one space (" ") character in order to display correctly. In general, only the date field should ever be empty.

After editing the page, look at the end result and make sure that the table is displayed correctly - no rows are missing, no gaps or broken cells are present.


Name User Type Date
a-correspondence-of-members Bunton author
a-correspondence-of-members rumetzen author
ambrose-wanderers-library-a-review Din-Bidor author
ambrose-wanderers-library-a-review Stygian Blue author
ambrose-wanderers-library Din-Bidor author
ambrose-wanderers-library Stygian Blue author
anthology-2023-hub EstrellaYoshte author
anthology-2023-hub Tyumen author
a-little-bit-of-rounderpede Bard Bard author
a-little-bit-of-rounderpede stop1010 author
a-man-chasing-a-dragon pokm author
a-man-chasing-a-dragon EatherAC translator 2019-06-06
a-reptilian-epilogue Snapdragon133 author
a-reptilian-epilogue Din-Bidor author
a-strange-patron Eternal Pen author
bloodfishing Stygian Blue author
bloodfishing Din-Bidor author
bloodfishing lzhoudidion author
caminero Din-Bidor author
caminero Florita author
caminero KlausTheCloset author
cenere-the-dog-and-his-portrait Indices author
cenere-the-dog-and-his-portrait OriCat author
chest-cavity-the-star UncannyClown276 author
conversing-with-an-argratian-swamp Ihp author
data-not-found LAN 2D author
data-not-found interstellarsheep author
decadent-and-depraved Din-Bidor author
decadent-and-depraved Snapdragon133 author
demon-mouth Gaffsey author
domowe-wenusjanskie-ciasteczka-z-lisciem-siarkowca Draven Addams author
domowe-wenusjanskie-ciasteczka-z-lisciem-siarkowca Draven Addams translator
face-of-preface WhatVR author
face-of-preface Jochoi translator 2019-08-24
faq thedeadlymoose author
faq UncertaintyCrossing author 2022-02-17
fear-and-loathing-in-the-wanderers-library Din-Bidor author
fear-and-loathing-in-the-wanderers-library KlausTheCloset author
fear-and-loathing-in-the-wanderers-library Seraphannim author
fear-and-loathing-in-the-wanderers-library Snapdragon133 author
feliz-cumpleanos-rounderpede Yossipossi author
feliz-cumpleanos-rounderpede CadaverCommander author
feliz-cumpleanos-rounderpede MaliceAforethought author
feliz-cumpleanos-rounderpede MalyceGraves author
field-guide-to-the-shelves-volume-one Avelon21 author
field-guide-to-the-shelves-volume-one UncertaintyCrossing author 2020-6-28
field-guide-to-the-shelves-volume-one Sebarus author 2020-6-28
from-cyan-crow-charity-association CrowNox author
from-cyan-crow-charity-association Jochoi translator 2019-06-12
from-white-sparrow-lost-property-office CrowNox author
from-white-sparrow-lost-property-office Jochoi translator 2019-06-12
garden-of-beginnings AmbroseArietes author
garden-of-beginnings DigitalPrincess234 author
greg-s-album Whitehills author
identifying-hunting-and-betraying-dragons Agent Whitney author
identifying-hunting-and-betraying-dragons AnActualCrow author
in-the-capital Ihp author
in-their-wake AKAM80 author
in-their-wake Vishardsh author
its-note-page Lillian Griffin author
its-note-page Jochoi translator 2019-08-11
kitty thrumuvethur author
kitty Jochoi translator 2019-06-21
luckless-lucien Din-Bidor author
luckless-lucien Crow-Cat author
lunarmare Heavyblues author
lunarmare Jochoi translator 2020-02-28
lunarmare EatherAC translator 2020-02-28
mile-high Fishish author
mile-high FLOORBOARDS author
mr-johann-dark Gaffsey author
mssrs-marshall-and-carter Gaffsey author
neither-rhyme-nor-reason Gaffsey author
never-did-exist Ihp author
ni-perdon-ni-olvido Din-Bidor author
ni-perdon-ni-olvido Maxyfran73 author
no-flights-out Snapdragon133 author
no-flights-out Stygian Blue author
nowhere-express Stygian Blue author
nowhere-express lzhoudidion author
of-oranges-like-sunset Stygian Blue author
of-oranges-like-sunset Din-Bidor author
on-djinn-and-traitors Agent Whitney author
on-djinn-and-traitors AnActualCrow author
on-the-yalthea Gaffsey author
ozan-soner-ayhan Gaffsey author
pass-over-the-sea Gaffsey author
people-who-watch-the-scenery Gali Z R author
people-who-watch-the-scenery Jochoi translator 2019-06-21
piece-of-paradise DarkStuff author
piece-of-paradise Ellie3 author
planasteen-quiz Gaffsey author
pocket-watch FLOORBOARDS author
pocket-watch UncannyClown276 author
pollution Gaffsey author
recollection Gaffsey author
red-bark Gaffsey author
river-canon Din-Bidor author
river-canon IronShears author
river-canon Stygian Blue author
sadly-human Ihp author
seven-offerings-to-the-campfire TroyL author
seven-offerings-to-the-campfire DrEverettMann author
seven-offerings-to-the-campfire science shaman author
shylock-s-quarter Ihp author
static Fernlom author
statues Rounderhouse author
statues Snapdragon133 author
the-alexandria-documents Eternal Pen author
the-bibliovores UncertaintyCrossing author
the-bibliovores Sebarus author
the-bibliovores Avelon21 author
the-cafe carriontrooper author
the-cafe rumetzen rewrite 2013-02-18
the-death-of-boris-yegorovich Gaffsey author
the-graveyard-of-ideas Gaffsey author
the-last-magician-of-moscow Gaffsey author
the-last-testimony Dysadron author
the-last-testimony Captain Kirby author
the-last-testimony weizhong author
the-last-will-and-testament Gaffsey author
the-queen-of-the-waste Gaffsey author
the-things-you-find Gaffsey author
the-tragedy-of-king-minos MisatoKS author
the-wandering-boy TroyL author
the-wandering-boy thedeadlymoose author
wakefield-s-journal-vol-1 Whitehills author
wakefields-archive Whitehills author
wanderer-s-station Roget author
wanderer-s-station Avelon21 author
white-pills Eternal Pen author
windenbrough-incongruity fluxman author
windenbrough-incongruity Agent_Wanderer author
the-wordsmiths-induction Eternal Pen author
zaskakujace-utarczki-smokopodobnych Piesollo author
zaskakujace-utarczki-smokopodobnych Draven Addams translator 2021-04-01
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