Battle of the White Waves
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I can remember
A beach shore, a Summer's day
Me and my kin there.

Past the Shipyards and
Down southeast, the Seaside loomed
For those who would come.

The morning was fair
Cloudless sky promised much Joy
Biting flies, less so.

A nice environ
Scrub grass, sand, ocean of course
Few other souls 'round.

The accessories
Of our stay were arranged so
My Parents could lounge.

I began to roam
As I was wont to do then
'Cross the low-tide Shore.

Came across a Fog
Near the old Prommontory
Rolling and churning.

Like waves arriving
Crashing on the rocks forthwith
Reaching to the Fort.

Named for a man of
Revolution, constructed
Twelve score years ago.

One of Conviction
Who died for Liberty, 'long
With his brave command.

And as I stood there
I observ'd the Fog and could
Almost see within.

For a moment, a snatch
Of a Man-of-War, blanch'd white
Her Crew garbed the same.

My mind could have lied
But the presence of a Fleet
I surely felt then.

Chanced a look upward
More white Men in a misty
Fortress; pale guns borne.

Roaring thunder whelmed
Cannon Shot and seeming Storm
Combined to deafen.

And I beheld the
Debarkment of ghostly Troops
Bayonets fixed.

It was at this time
A Madness overtook me
I scarper'd away.

Dared a look backwards
After a great while; naught
But Fog to see there.

I was quite Chastised
For going by my lonesome
Yet guilt I felt not.

Even if I was
Afflicted by a Vision,
I do know one thing:

The Cacophony,
The fight for our Monarchy
I shan't soon forget.

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