"Bear Trap Hymn", taken from "The Huntsman's Hasanas"
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Hold me tight, my Tether.
Choke my restless spirit.
Keep my nerves taught as a tripwire.
Grant me the patience of a pitfall,
And the brutality of steel jaws.

Before I met you, my Tether,
I was no better than my prey.
I was a wild thing in the brush.
I spared no thought for planning,
I lived only for the next day.

But you have shown me the way.
No longer will I dance and revel.
No longer will I give chase.
I lay locked in rusted rapture,
And I know this is my place.

Gone is that beast.
I have taken spring-loaded Sacrament,
And been reborn a Saint Serene.
I have received your stinging kiss,
I found peace in your cold embrace.

Hold me tight, my Tether.
Bind my zeal in chains.
Keep me hidden among the brush.
Guide the wild things to me,
I will preach your Revelations.

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