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Beyond time, there is a place. Beyond this place, there is a Library. Beyond this Library is a book. Beyond the book is a story. Beyond that story is an idea. Beyond that idea is a person.

There are infinite times, and infinite places. There are infinite Libraries, and infinite books. There are infinite stories, and infinite ideas.

But there are not infinite amounts of people.

People give meaning to ideas. Ideas give meaning to stories. Stories give meaning to books. Books give meaning to Libraries. Libraries give meaning to places. Places give meaning to time. Time gives meaning to people.

But there are finite amounts of people. When people let loose their meaning, reality looses meaning.

This website is a collection of people. This article is one of those people's interpretation of meaning.

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At the ending of things, there will not be jubilation.
Not after the last person returns to dust.
Not after the first person is reborn.
At the beginning of things, there will not be jubilation.

At the end of things, there is the end of a beginning.
At the beginning of things, there is the beginning to an end.

There is no end. There is no beginning.

All living things must come to die, and all dead things must come to live.
In life and death there is jubilation.
"Life and death are two sides of the same coin."

Rejoice in life, and in death. Without both, there would be no people. Without people, there would not be this page.

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