Bizzare Rumors And My Findings On Them
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Hello, this is River, and I investigate rumors of things out of the ordinary, a paranormal investigator if you will,— well paranormal is more of a relative term as I’ve come to know. Let me tell you about how I found the library.

Written below are some excerpts from my journal leading to the time I stumbled through a Way

Day 1 - Investigation 17
I have arrived in the forest in question. Amanda’s(the missing individual I have been hired to find) brother(Sean) has told me about the day she disappeared. He said that she told him that she was going for a walk in the woods, but when night fell, he became worried and set out to find her. He searched for a few hours before finding a bracelet she often wore, sitting on the ground next to a very strange tree formation that was vaguely in the shape of an arch. He walked through it, but nothing really happened. He returned to his home hoping that she would be there when he woke up the next morning, but she wasn’t. He called me after getting referred to me a few days later.

Day 2 - Investigation 17
I have found the arch in question, and began doing some basic physical investigation. After Sean left, I used a simple detection spell, and found a strong aura coming off the arch, but was unable to tell what spell was used to create it. I will set up some motion sensors and camp through the night here.

Day 7 - Investigation 17
After several days of experimenting with different spells, I have ascertained that this natural arch is some sort of portal, although it isn't derived from any kind of magic I have seen before.

Day 11 - Investigation 17
I have tried an unlocking spell on the arch, but it seemed to have no effect, and I’m beginning to lose hope that I will ever get to the bottom of this.

Day 13 - Investigation 17
Holy shit. I did it. I activated the doorway. I’m on the other side. The way it activated was very strange, I idly tapped on the tree in a certain rhythm, and there was an audible whoosh of air from the arch, and inside of it, an ornate door appeared. It seems to lead to some kind of library, but on a more massive scale than I have ever seen before. Rows and rows of bookshelves that seemed to go on forever.

So my 17th investigation was my last in my original world, as after I left the place with the door I had entered through, I couldn’t find my way back to it.
And after what I’ve seen, I’m not sure if I even want to go back to my old world anyway…

Day 1 - Investigation 18
I’ve begun exploring the library, and there are strange creatures here, they look humanoid, however theses things are not human by any means. I’ve seen two different types so far, a creature with many arms reshelving books, and a creature with a lantern replacing one hand.

Day 4 - Investigation 18
I found a front desk!! I talked to the archivist and got a library card, although I’ll probably just do my reading in the library itself. I have learned that this place is called The Wanderers’ Library, and it’s sort of a nexus for knowledge and different worlds.

Day 7 - Investigation 18
I was looking at a book on magic to hopefully increase my understanding, when I was approached by a human woman who seemed to have an exceptional understanding of magic. She showed me how to do more advanced spells, and although I didn’t get them yet, I have a feeling that they will click sometime.

Day 9 - Investigation 18
I found a locked door to a restricted section. I wonder what’s in there, or how you get clearance to go in…

Day 11 - Investigation 18
I found a door that seems to lead to another world, and I am about to venture through it. I will return to the library with my findings, and hopefully gain some allies within the library and learn more about this bizarre world.

To Be Continued…

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