Blood of the Oppressor
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Blood of the Oppressor

Light of torch and of fire-bug
Shines into the eyes of a reptile
But it is not the only stalker
Who lies in the swamp
Cruel mockery of the naaldlooshii
Wears skin of man and alligator alike
Eyes as bright as the fire-bugs
And hungry as the night.

Hands grip the hull of a canoe
Tighten, pulse with blood
Equidistant from man and beast
Wood splits and
A scream escapes the throat
Before lungs fill with water and
Life leaves the heart.

The maw closes
The eyes and nostrils open again,
Take in new sights and smells.
Fingers and legs like gnarled
Wood-roots, push a
Chimera through the water.
Always hungry
Not for food. For the blood
Of the Oppressor.

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