Book of the Hidden
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The Laminated Pages of the Hidden

To my idol, Charles Darwin.

The Book of the Hidden

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What are the Hidden?
The Hidden are beasts invisible to the human eye. They are everywhere, feeding on the many souls of humans. Nobody knows when they got here. Today, undesired suffering is everywhere.

Many of the Hidden have been extensively studied, including their anatomy. They are most prevalent in Third-World countries, but generally the most long-living Hidden are only found in the First-World countries.

Tip: You can stop a Hidden temporarily by laughing.

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The couch potato, photographed in 2008 at a house in Oklahoma City.

One of the Hidden, the Couch Potato, is a beast that lies in any home of a stressed person - it feeds on the happiness of the owner. It is lazy, and always uses the couch as it's own home and feeding trap.

Couch Potatoes can only be spotted with a special camera that reveals the Hidden. It can spot ectoplasm (ghost material) though an unknown process.

If you are feeling more sad than usual while on the couch, you may have a Couch Potato!

For the camera, call this phone number: 001-856-765-100
If you wish to get rid of your Couch Potato, call this Hidden exterminator: 001-858-700-100

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The roomfeeder, photographed in a house in 2009.

The roomfeeder, is a Hidden that feeds on the room's structural integrity and state. Buildings infested with Roomfeeders may be more prone to structural failures and accidents. When feeding, it will extrude a reddish liquid on patches of it's skin. This reddish liquid has Hidden enzymes in it that dissolve building materials slowly into food for the Roomfeeder.

If your building is prone to failures and structural accidents, you may have a Roomfeeder!

Roomfeeders can only be spotted with a special camera that reveals the Hidden. It can spot ectoplasm (ghost material) though an unknown process.

For the camera, call this phone number: 001-856-765-100
If you wish to get rid of your Roomfeeder, call this Hidden exterminator: 001-858-700-100

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This page will not be on a specific Hidden, but rather will be a written transcript of a discussion between Hiddenologists.

Without further ado, here it is.

So, what have you heard about that new finding on the link between Hidden and ectoplasm trucks in Three Portlands?
Well, the study said that over 50% of all ectoplasm trucks are basically nurseries for infant Hidden, where Hidden such as Roomfeeders travel and lay eggs in the truck's ectoplasm. After that, the Hidden hatch from their eggs and begin adding mass to their own bodies by feeding on the ectoplasm.

We are looking for new technologies to prevent this, of course. We don't want new Hidden popping out everywhere, right?


So, um. What are you working on right now?
Oh, nothing much. The University of Alexyva wanted me to teach Hiddenology there, but I'm really undecided on it. Should I travel through a Way to a parallel universe where the Romans never collapsed? Heh…

I guess, it's really on you. You could like, do pros and cons to help you with your decision.

Note: After several days of consideration, he decided to teach at the University of Alexyva for a full student year. He has not died, heh.

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A dreamfeeder attached to a old senior in a nursing home. Photographed in 2017

Dreamfeeders are one of the worst, horrible and depraved Hidden. They usually prey on the senile and young, replacing potential dreams with nightmares. Dreamfeeders have two tentacles that they attach to a victim's head and extrude enzymes which extract dreams and modify them.
Dreamfeeders are also potential causes for night terrors and things related to frequent nightmares.

If you suspect you or a person is being affected by a Dreamfeeder, call this Hidden exterminator: 001-858-700-100.
For the camera, call this phone number: 001-856-765-100.

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This page will cover a dissection of a Hidden in 2016 (presumed to be a couch potato).

Dr. Devin Meyer, the head surgeon in the dissection.

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Portrait of Dr. Devin Meyer

Hidden dissection surgery members:
Thaumaturge Michael Julian
Head Surgeon Dr. Devin Meyer
Surgeon Liam Wilson
Nurse Amy Parker
Hiddenologist John Fesk

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Photograph of the dissected Hidden, and surgeon Liam Wilson, right after the dissection.

The dissection surgery's findings:

  • Hidden only have one organ, a sac located in the center of mass.
  • The inside of a Hidden is filled with a red or black sludge.
  • There is a 1/20 chance of a demon being summoned if a Hidden is killed and in the presence of humans for an extended amount of time.
  • Hidden do not have any brains, although there are nerve-like strings scattered across the body.

Event logs:

First incision revealed reddish sludge, which slowly oozed out of the incision.
Thaumaturge Julian reported a possibility of the summoning of a demon. He reached a conclusion a hour after, deeming it to be a 1/20 chance.
Thankfully, there was no demon.
A "nerve" was exposed after some digging was done. They examined the head, and found that the eyes were connected to these "nerves".
The Hidden's sac was located in the center of mass of the Hidden. The thaumaturge reported "a lot of emotions… mostly happiness."
The dissection was also thoroughly photographed by the Hiddenologist.

The dissection was successful, and answered a few questions, but it only brought up more. At least now we know Hidden are actually closely linked to demons.

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