Books By Shiloh A. Wrun
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Sorry! We do not carry copies of works by the author you are looking for!


Shiloh A. Wrun

Due to recent COURT RULINGS and UNFORGIVABLE ACTS, the Wanderer's Library has eliminated all of its works from Shiloh A. Wrun.

However, if you would like to browse our collection of historical essays and writings to better inform yourself of Wrun's ATROCITIES, we can direct you to the following:

Two Lovers Underwater: A fragment of documentation from one of the many investigations into Shiloh A. Wrun

An Analysis of "His Temple of Walls": An essay dissecting the techniques of Wrun's earlier work. This document has undergone substantial CORRUPTION

An Interview With The Author: A surviving record of the single known interview that Wrun gave prior to his condemnation.

The Last Testimony: Wrun delivers his last defense during his trial for crimes against the Library.

… fine. Useless kiosk. I'll just have to find them myself.

How To Contribute

The works of Shiloh A. Wrun are never really just the works of Shiloh A. Wrun. They are either doing analysis of stories he's written, or delving into his writing process, or are about the evils he committed through his writing. At the end of the day, these stories are about the relationship between the reader, the writer, and the written. Therefore, just writing a story that Wrun may have written is insufficient. In fact, including as little words from Wrun's supposed works is best, since Wrun's banishment means that his works are not really supposed to appear in the library in the first place.

Once you have written a piece following this spirit (writing about Wrun rather than writing his stories), you may add this to the hub as one of the suggested follow up articles, with a quick blurb describing what the article is about in relation to Wrun.

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