Business Letter
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Hey, L, I got your letter. Yeah, I'm not too worried about the SeCoPro. They're still digging at the old place. Psychology of the individual, man. They're like cats. You run, they're gonna chase you. But if they see something else moving, that's where their eyes are, leaving you to jet. The tail? Yeah, he's fine. He's designed for this shit, man. And it's not like he's really there or anything. They get wise, we pull the plug and get away free and clear.

Anyway, I got some new toys I come up with. Robots the size of fleas. They grab onto a guy, get carried wherever. They record what they see and hear, leave with whoever, and detach where you need 'em. No signal to trace, because they don't broadcast. You get it all when you collect them. Figure it'll be useful for that project of yours. I know, not your usual style, but get with the times, man.

If you'd care to join me in the 22nd century, leave payment in the usual place. Ask Schitz if you don't remember.

And please, man, let me take a look at that hat. I just know I can make it better. You could have goddamned lasers firing off your head. Think about it.


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