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The bleak desert. Empty, yet meaningful. Symbolic, in a way. Whether it be hot or cold, it's a wasteland that seems to go on for eternity. Sometimes it does. Sometimes you wish it did. Sometimes you wish you didn't even have to wish in the first place. Sometimes you just want to think. And that's frightening. Thinking. A strange concept really. Free will? It might exist. I'm too tired to find out myself. Too busy. Sometimes I wish I wasn't. Sometimes.

Control. Do we really have it? The ticking of time, going on and on and on and on. Never stopping. Never going to stop. Sometimes you wish it did. Sometimes you wish it didn't. Sometimes you wish you would stop wishing and actually do something. I wish I did. I wish.

Tall blades of grass itching skin, the sun beating down on faces, tanning. A gust of wind ruffling hair. The echo of the tides receding, and rising, and rising again, and rising more. Sometimes you wish it continued. Sometimes you wish it didn't. And then it all comes crashing down. You're thinking about it too much. Stop. I stopped.

It consumes you. Skin against skin. You seek refuge in it like a cave during a rainstorm. Sometimes you wish you didn't. You try to stop, but it pulls you in. A whirlpool. A hurricane of emotions. The buzz of bees and the chirps of birds. Jealousy. It's all you are. All you were made for. All I was made for. Looking for yourself in it. Looking for myself.

A broken heart. Envy. Chaos. It's everywhere. Dark clouds up above, turning the entire landscape pale and monotone. A forest levelled. A river filled in. A wildfire in your own body. It makes you stop thinking. Your brain frozen in time.


You feel. You ache. You cry. A thunderstorm. A flurry of wind takes you of of your feet and into the sky. You are no longer limited to the ground. You take flight. Sometimes you wi- - No. You're free. The chain has broken. You see something. Something like you. The clouds part to reveal a vivid blazing sun. You feel… welcomed. You feel with a motive. You think with a purpose. You feel free. You no longer seek refuge in anger and chaos. You seek it in purpose. In yourself. In others.

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