Rosie's Museum of All Things Strange and Melancholy
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meltedbee's Author Page

It's good to find you here.

My name's Rosie, short for Rosalind, but you know me as meltedbee.

You may have seen me around before, selling my stories to any who will listen. In particular, you may have heard of Atlas' Burden. After all, this is my most notable body of work :)

A little about myself: I enjoy writing for Atlas' Burden (and I encourage you to do the same), writing short melancholy stories, and anything engineering related. If you'd like to reach out for any questions regarding art, my stories, or anything else, shoot me a wikidot PM or find me in the Wanderer's Library discord.

Stay a while, enjoy yourself, and please do not damage the exhibits.

Atlas' Burden Description
Past and Future Atlas begins his journey
Cold Mornings A journey to Raven
Soot, Steel, and Stories Cold wind and molten iron
A Letter Valentina's regret
Encounters in the Deep Wood Spiders…
The Man in the Cot Sickness consumes all
A Stain Upon the Earth Blood shed upon the ground
Why We Wander An Interlude
Poem found by the river Forgotten remnants.
Mirages in the Snow Ghosts in the rearview.
Assorted Stories Description
Poem found on a crumpled notecard A long lost love poem
On Homer Quote and response, of Homer
Forever Mankind Alternate history Apollo 11
Clear Blue Skies Are our war machines as vicious as we are?
Her, Moonlit Pain and love and chilling fear
A Note to my Muse I still do remember you, you know.
Reflections of an Arsonist To sit, and watch it all burn.
Community Gardens The unraveling of my vines.
An Oyster's Observation of the Ending of Things Why did you do it?
Rust A legacy of rust and silent screams.
Her, Sunlit The moon shines on, but you remain.
Tribue to a Salmon It's what you would have wanted.
Interloper: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Silence Breathe.
Cold Metal and Sacrifice For the Emperor.
Streetlights A sodium vapor heart.
A Pale Petal, Adrift at Sea With your bones and your words and your love.
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