Rosie's Foundry
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The air hangs heavy around you. Grated steel beneath your feet echoes your footfalls harshly through the building, but is quickly drowned out by the clangs and hisses of machinery. You step forward, towards the central chamber. As you duck through the mess of cables and wiring obscuring the portal, you see rivulets of molten copper coalesce beneath the catwalk into veritable rivers. Bursts of steam exhale from the walls surrounding you, threatening you with their scalding heat. The air is hard to breathe, now, too hot.

Your face feels as dry as cured leather, and even keeping your eyes open is a challenge. The din grows ever louder here, a veritable cacophony of industrial noise. Nevertheless, you push forward through the hallway, emerging into a small, quiet workshop.

A figure turns to greet you. Her voice is indistinct, but you feel as if you know her from a long time ago. She beckons you further in, pointing out various projects scattered amongst her shelves. She pours a cup of tea for you. It tastes of quicksilver.

The chair is cozy, and the fire in the corner is warm, so you decide to stay awhile.

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