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Good evening, fellow Wanderers! My name is Calibri Bold, one of the many authors that walks the halls of this Library. This page is where I keep my many tales, documents, and other things I find important. Please, have a seat, read some stories, stay awhile!

Other Links


I make YouTube videos! Most of them are me reading through articles on the site and providing commentary. Sometimes I cover things like contests or major events on the site.

Translator Page

My presence moves beyond just the English SCP Wiki; I also do some translations for the unofficial Latin branch of the wiki, by which I mean I write original articles in Latin then translate them back into English. It's actually a lot of fun, and it's gotten me a bit more invested into the global SCP community.

SCP Wiki Author Page

If the Wanderers' Library is where I shine, then the SCP Wiki is where I… um… shine more. I mainly write for the SCP Wiki, and you may know me for amazing pieces such as The Blackmailing Computer, The Spanish Decommission, or the true 001 proposal.

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