Cedar Bardot
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Archeologist, Wanderer, Adventurer

Few wander the shelves without a story to tell, and Cedar Bardot is no exception. Born and raised in Three Ports by two brilliant historians, Cedar’s love of parahistory was ingrained in them at a young age. They graduated at the top of their class at Deer College and quickly found a job at Prometheus Labs, where they worked until its closure.

Having found a Way into the Library, Cedar has made a name for themself as a brash, foul-mouthed, adventurer for hire. And a competent one at that, if you’re looking for anything to do with history, you want to talk to Cedar.

Writing Guide

At its core, a Cedar Bardot story should be a cheesy pulp adventure ripped from old matinee serials or action movies like Indiana Jones and The Adventures of Tin Tin. Having a deeper analysis of Cedar as a character is fine, but above all, the story should be fun. Action scenes should be bombastic and creative, Cedar should be a rude but loveable smart-ass, and there’s usually a fabled MacGuffin they’re chasing after.

Also, Cedar is non-binary. Please keep this part of their identity in mind when writing them.


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