Chronicle of Ulak the Drifter: Foreword
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Chronicle of Ulak the Drifter

Annotated by Shahrazad Keret


The Drifter, by UncertaintyCrossing

For ten lifetimes I have traveled the Ways and witnessed many things, both great and small, wonderful and terrifying. I have walked withered fields surrounding colossal walled cities. I have chronicled wars that spread through ten thousand worlds. I have encountered every manner of beast and monster that stalks the Multiverse. I have dined at the table of great thinkers, sorcerers, emperors and gods.1 And yet, the events chronicled in this volume of my Great Book of Records are by far the ones that have impressed me the most. I only pray to whatever gods might hear me that my words are enough to reflect a mere fraction of the wonder I have experienced. Let this text serve as testimony that even the most desolate corners of the Ways hold heroes whose exploits and achievements merit being written down and recalled in awe for as long as there is anyone to listen to them.

– Ulak the Drifter, Grand Chronicler of the Court of His Majesty Ek'Um Vu III of the House of Ikh, Lord of the Uhb'Seq and Protector of the Duundian Way.2

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