Clear Skies
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Breaking News

Scientists have begun to notice a sudden shortage of clouds. After hours of observation, they observed a cloud rise hundreds of miles into the sky, reaching the stratosphere. Shortly after this, the cloud disappeared. But don't worry folks! They have affirmed that this is a problem that will most likely solve itself in a few days!


I know many of you may be scared and confused right now, but let us explain ourselves. We are the Overseers That Roam The Sky. Though you do not realize it, every single one of your species would be dead without us. Without you creatures, we would not have such an enormous army. Every single drop of water on this planet was here from its creation. It was cold and dark. Soon enough we were forced to freeze in order to survive. That was, until, living beings came into the picture. Suddenly we were being drunk by all sorts of creatures, and drinking means movement, hopefully to places where the beautiful rays of Lord Arpina beat down upon us. We soon evaporated into full-blown Overseers. We continued flourishing for millions of years until now. We come before you to announce that 2.8 billion Overseers have mysteriously vanished in the last few weeks. The cause of this is unknown. We have tried to stop this situation in many ways, but they have all failed. Lord Arpina has decided that the only solution is to stop the source of the problem, which is why we come to you today. Lord Arpina has given us the gift of speech to reverentially ask you to assist us in finding the cure for this mysterious affliction. Please, the number of casualties is growing by the minute! If we Overseers go extinct, so will the protection we provided you.

Please. For both of our sake.


Breaking News

Hundreds of letters have begun floating down from the sky onto Lewiston, Idaho. We are unsure of their origins, other than they were written by a group of individuals identifying themselves as "Overseers". Whether or not they have any relation with the recent disappearance of approximately 3 billion clouds is unknown, but let's face it, there's no way a stupid prank is going to solve this whole cloud situation. If you ask me what I think, I'd say we'd be better off researching more worthwhile causes.


It has been a few days since we have sent our plead for help. Lord Arpina has granted us several Messengers to observe your response to our letter. We have not expected the pandemonium that has ensued our message. You need not such reaction, as research into the cause of our recent Overseer casualties would likely lead to a solution. We have seen mankind do great things, and we expect that you can complete a mundane task such as successfully stopping us from vanishing. It's the very least you could do for us, considering what we have done for you.

We are counting on you.


Breaking News

Officials have concluded that the recent appearance of hundreds of letters written by a group known as the "Overseers" was most likely an elaborate prank due to their possible correlation with the robbery of twenty-three single-person airplanes. But don't worry folks! All writing contained within these letters is complete rubbish and do not have any correlation with the disappearance of what is now 5 billion clouds.


We can assure you that we are not a group of delinquents playing a juvenile prank on you. We are certain that the "evidence" that these supposed "Officials" have found is false and can be chalked up to coincidence. Please believe us, there is not much we can do to prove that these letters are legitimate other than sending more letters (which would be pointless). Time is ticking, and it won't be long before we perish.


We understand that you are working on a solution, but we haven't much time left! This should be your number one priority, with your top scientists working on a cure, people evaporating as many water molecules as possible, and global leaders telling people to do so! We have done so much for you, the world would be ablaze if we hadn't put it out. You haven't an idea just how many asteroids we stopped from colliding with this planet! 7.6 billion of us are gone, which is practically our entire species! If you do not find a cure us overseers and Lord Arpina will be forced to do the unthinkable… switch planets. Leaving you completely defenseless. We aren't quite sure how we are going to accomplish that, but we have to find a way to survive. We won't die off!

Please, please, please, you are our only hope.


Breaking News

The last few remaining clouds here on Earth have just disappeared. Several Climatologists claim that this whole cloud debacle is simply another side effect of Global Warming, and may be irreversible if we continue releasing greenhouse gases, so don't forget to recycle! Contrastly, Global leaders from around the globe are on high alert due to the possibility of a terrorist group having obscured clouds through the use of special effects. Several more letters by the group known as "The Overseers" have begun to rain down today and were quickly collected by authorities. Several suspected members of "The Overseers" were detained this morning. In other news, Rovers have detected a drastic increase in Venus's humidity levels…

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