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"You can believe me, not believe me
I'm just a bird upon the sill
And these words just pour right through me
Like water through a mill"

chest cavity (the star) - poem about being a monster
waxahachie - grief poem for a particle accelerator
the drill (cementhookreplica) - poem about orthodontics
glass case - poem about how you hated it
betelgeuse - poem about the universe
beneath the desk - poem about drills
after the magnetic fields - poem about love and common things
this house is clean but it is not my home - poem about vacations
the numbers - poem about wealth
helpless child - vent poem
elementary school reunion - poem about a strange experience
wurlitzer - poem for the kind of people who read wl at night
overcome by happiness - poem about joy
(with a window/with no child) - poem about getting old
some thoughts about rain - self-explanatory
"pocket watch" - collaboration with floorboards
handgun, ballpoint pen, drano - poem about spite
frowns on the jugglers - bob dylan reference
storm/static/sleep - poem about letting go
farewell address - a hug goodbye

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