ComboCon 2024
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And you've finally done it. Your patchwork masterpiece is complete, and you can rest in your newfound knowledge of intersections, mixtures, and all things combined. You look closer and realise, among all the prismatic fragments you found, a few shone the brightest! Congratulations to:

…as decided by 27 community nominations! For the full details, here's the thread.

Strange magic is at work in the Library…

After the Great Reshelving, the books have come alive, dropping pages left and right as they traverse across the shelves. Pages scramble to pick up all they can with four pairs of hands; the Archivists can only watch in horror as romance mixes with bird facts and music sheets with mystery thrillers. Tomes old and new fall in stacks of alchemical dance-routines, histories of the logic-puzzle war, and baby anatomy cookbooks. Some wanderers are too slow to outrun the paper parade, being buried from head-to-toe in their favourite novels. Surprisingly however, you aren't so bothered. You pride yourself on your inventiveness; you once birthed a phoenix from gunpowder, and things can always be put back together. You brush loose pages off your shoulders, thinking of all the new combinations of words this escapade has provided you, and, armed with some glue and a smile, you get to work.

Final Rankings (by votecount)

Combo Title Author Votecount Nomination Score
Heat+Hideaway Pasadena Mascara |lzhoudidionlzhoudidion and MaddGasserGatonMaddGasserGaton +25 14
Unearth+Twin Vicarious Din-BidorDin-Bidor +24 13
Unearth+Unearth UNDER. EARTH. Stygian BlueStygian Blue +24 8
Leftover+Construct Volition zipzipskinszipzipskins and TrapdoorViolet TrapdoorViolet +22 36
Hideaway+Construct Coober Pedy Cave Clash 100 ch00bakkach00bakka +22 3
Hex+Master Of Ravens and Wolves Gawain777Gawain777 +21 22
Leftover+Construct Cassette_001: "Empyrean" UncertaintyCrossingUncertaintyCrossing and SebarusSebarus +21 3
Construct+Master You The Weapon VishardshVishardsh +20 17
Heat+Leftover Shelfstalkers - Galen's Guide to Bibliozoology Rosyfox2002Rosyfox2002 +20 4
Hex+Unearth The Last Confession of Wind-among-Reeds SpoddetmanSpoddetman +19 5
Heat+Hex Tower Lantern Cleans the Temple of the Allmartyr CadaverCommanderCadaverCommander +17 25
Leftover+Hideaway Presque Vu AKAM80AKAM80 +16 2
Hideaway+Unearth Groundwater NotAnOligarchNotAnOligarch +15 7
Heat+Construct Frame by Frame Sobek109Sobek109 +15 1
Twin+Hex The Splittage of Ms. Molly Gambol Snapdragon133Snapdragon133 +12 x
Heat+Hideaway the Human constellation! winkwonkboiwinkwonkboi +10 x
Heat+Heat The Red on the Horizon J T K CJ T K C +8 x
Leftover+Construct Titanic Tin Soldier ArclundArclund +7 x
Leftover+Heat A Bit of a Mess Crow-CatCrow-Cat +6 x
Question+Question How Did I Get Here? IndustryStandardIndustryStandard +5 x
Construct+Master The Repair Order TopHatBionicleTopHatBionicle +2 2
Construct+Twin Three Nights hazellineshazellines +1 x
Leftover+Heat A Forum for My Brother Anonymous -7 x
Unknown Excerpts from a Journal of an Interdimensional Archeologist Magier EuleMagier Eule -8 x
Unknown Who Are We SanchaySquirrelSanchaySquirrel -8 x

And some fun facts:

  • Leftover + Construct was the most popular combination; Heat was the most popular individual prompt; and Question was the least popular.
  • Out of 45 possible unique combinations (duplicates inclusive), over 18 unique combinations were written!1
  • Three people chose to duplicate their prompts.
  • While meltedbeemeltedbee and I were brainstorming prompts, we had to cut many good ones that just didn't fit, including Paragon, Monument, Ooze, Flux, Red and Hyper.

Additional Awards

These are like bonus stars in Mario Party — ultimately they're arbitrary things that have no bearing on the winners, but real ones know they mean everything.

Lost on a Technicality (Highest Votecount)

Pasadena Mascara by lzhoudidionlzhoudidion and MaddGasserGatonMaddGasserGaton

Time Management Award (Written in 5 minutes before the deadline, lmao)

The Red on the Horizon by J T K CJ T K C

The 'Something else you wanna add?' Award (Most Footnotes)

Coober Pedy Cave Clash 100 by ch00bakkach00bakka

The Questionaut? (Only person to use 'Question' as a prompt)

How did I get here? by IndustryStandardIndustryStandard

Seafarer Award2

UNDER. EARTH. by Stygian BlueStygian Blue

Library Darling Award/Best Newcomer

Shelfstalkers - Galen's Guide to Bibliozoology by Rosyfox2002Rosyfox2002

'Least Words (how?)' Redux Award

Cassette_001: "Empyrean" by UncertaintyCrossingUncertaintyCrossing and SebarusSebarus

Best Title

The Last Confession of Wind-among-Reeds by SpoddetmanSpoddetman

That's it for bonus awards, thanks for reading. Maybe next time you can get one too!

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