Come On In

Please, please, take a seat.

Care for a drink? Smoke? No? All right. Mind if I smoke?

My work with the Library? Well, I recovered this from the Merchants and returned it to its proper place. Not too long after, I was able to recover some curious info on the fate of the Opportunity Rover and donated it to the Library. And I've been helping to restore this manuscript in my efforts to write Lady Juanita Del Rio's biography.

What's that?

Oh, more about me as a person? That's… strange.

Well, if you insist.

I got my start in all this paranormal nonsense — of course it's nonsense! An infinite library overseen by a serpent the size of a solar system? Shadow paragovernmental agencies who kidnap people because they possess extranormal traits? Machine worshippers trying to resurrect their clockwork god? If you ask me, it's all a bunch of poorly-written hogwash held together with twine and dreams. It's like the X-Files, Stargate, and Harry fuckin Potter franchises tried to raise /x/'s abandoned baby after finding it in the gutter. It's weird. But it's my life so what the hell can I do about it?

Anyway, like I was saying, I got my start in all this back in high school. I found out about this strange, beautiful, wonderful corner of the world and it enraptured me. Pulled me in. I did some odd jobs for the Jailors for a while. Still do, sometimes. But other things came up. Got in the way. I found the quiet splendor of the Library a bit more appealing to my tastes. So I think I'll continue my work here, for the time being.

Anything else you need? Feel free to ask, now's the time.

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