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Hello there, and thank you for your interest in this mega cool author page tool! This fancy device is used to help make updating your author page a little easier, as well as provide useful data regarding your entries. This component can be used to automatically update your author page any time you create a new entry of any kind, and allows you to view things like your ratings and recent commenters.

The Main Stuff

There are three components to this tool: the automatic page lister, the coauthored pieces section, and the manual page lister. The first one is automatic, and includes most of the pages you'll make on the site.

Here's the base code you'll need to include, and I'll explain what each variable does below:

[[include :wanderers-library:component:mega-cool-author-page-tool |inc-list= --]

|order= The order you want your articles to be in. Use one of the following variables for whichever results you'd like:

  • name: Order alphabetically by page URL.
  • title: Order alphabetically by page title.
  • rating: Order by rating, from lowest-rated to highest-rated.
  • created_at: Order by time created, from oldest to newest.

You can put any of these in reverse order simply by adding "desc" afterwards (e.g. "rating desc").

|perpage= The number of articles of each category you want per page. Default is 20, maximum is 250.

|shadow= By default, whenever you hover your mouse over an entry, the entry will "pop out" slightly. If you don't want it to do this, put "no" or "false" here.

I've shown an example of how this might look below, using the most recently created articles on the site.

There are multiple values and sections here, and I'll go through each one of them really quickly.

Rating and Comments: The rating and the number of comments, respectively.

Last Comment: The name of the user who gave the last comment.

+/-: This is the ratio of upvotes to downvotes. For instance, a value of "+8/-2" would mean that the article has 8 upvotes and 2 downvotes.

Tags: Shows a list of all visible tags on the article, with links to each tag page.

Coauthored Articles

One thing that the tool above doesn't include is coauthored pages. Coauthored pages using this module are uploaded manually, although they're each easy and simple to upload. The reason they're not included with the standard updater is for two reasons. First, you can't attribute coauthor credit. Second, if you have multiple coauthored pages, there's a chance that some of those pages were uploaded by you and some by your coauthor, and only the ones that were uploaded by you would actually show up on the module. This means that you'd be forced to either split all coauthored pages between the standard module and the coauthored module, or you'd have duplicates of articles on the main module in the coauthored section.

For every coauthored page you have written, include this code block:

[[include :wanderers-library:component:mega-cool-author-page-tool |inc-coauthored= --]

This one only requires three variables, since you will be manually adding and ordering these yourself.

|name= This is the portion of the URL link that specifies your page on the site. It is not the actual title of the article. For instance, instead of putting "A City Wrought of Silken Thread," for this page, you would put "spider-city".

|feat= List all of the coauthors for the page here, except yourself.

|shadow= Like above, if you don't want the entry to pop out when you hover over it, put "no" or "false" here.

Here is an example of a coauthored entry listed with this tool, using A Little Bit Of Rounderpede by Bard Bard and stop1010:

A Little Bit Of Rounderpede (feat. stop1010)

Rating: +23
Comments: 3
Last Comment: Maxyfran73

Manual Component

Sadly, the automatic tool isn't perfect. If you've deleted your account previously, or you want to divide up your entries somehow, then it will be ineffective. Fortunately, this tool also comes with an option for you to add your entries manually. This way, if you like the appearance of this tool or the data it presents, but the standard component doesn't work for you, you can still implement it this way.

For every one of your entries, place this block:

[[include :wanderers-library:component:mega-cool-author-page-tool |inc-manual-list= --]

Both of the variables are covered above. Remember, you will need to include one of these for every page. However, aside from its implementation, the manual component looks no different from the automatic one. And if you have coauthored entries you'd like to include, you can still implement the coauthored entry component above just fine.

Final Remarks

I hope this tool is of some usefulness to you! While it is fairly comprehensive, I'm open to any suggestions or concerns, and will try to improve this to the best of my limited CSS ability. I also plan on hopefully implementing more features; in particular, I'd like to eventually add a translations module if possible, so that users can view which pages have been translated.

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, feel free to leave a comment or PM me, Calibri Bold does not match any existing user name. I hope this serves you well, and I wish you a lovely day in the Library!

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License