"Once Upon a Time" Theme
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How do I use this theme?

Put this line at the top of your page.

[[include :wanderers-library:component:once-upon-a-time]]


A horizontal rule can be created with 5 hyphens "-----" and extends across the whole page if it's not placed inside anything (eg a blockquote). The lines separating sections of this document are horizontal rules.

I have edited the texture of the default fancyhr to match this theme. It is available as usual with "-----" enclosed in a "fancyhr" class div, like so:

[[div_ class="fancyhr"]]

Resulting in this:

I also altered the texture of the fancyborder. That can be created like this.
[[div_ class="fancyborder"]]
content goes here

Titles can be created by putting between 1-6 plus "+" at the start of the line

This is a tab view.

This is a blockquote, created by putting "> " at the start of each line.
More text

That's a horizontal rule




This is a table
You should know how to make these

The body and title font is Quintessential.
The code block and editor button font is Merienda.
The Editor font is Raleway.

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