Our Books Have Been Stolen!
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Archivist Owlpede tried to make replacements!

Patrons! Your friendly Archivist Ayman here with an announcement: our beloved Library has been ransacked by the Magpies! They have stolen our books, our scripts, our drawings, and more. They slipped in through the new wing of Ways we just introduced and managed to get past the Docents undetected. It seems Library Staff may have been just a bit too busy reorganizing our shelves…

Do not be alarmed though! I handed my deskmate Owlpede some crayons and he did some fantastic work making us some replacements for our posters and pamphlets in the meantime. Additionally, I've dispatched Pages to find the books that were stolen and to leave notices on the shelves noting that the disappearance has been recorded and is being looked into.

If you find one of your books has been taken, do not fret! We will find them and we will assure you that this won't happen again!

Details on what all has been changed can be found below:

Articles that were stolen:

Many thanks to all the authors who took part! The full list of stolen articles is as follows:

Parcoon Finds a Snack, Entomophobia, A Line Through The Oasis, Battle of the White Waves, Cave Story, Meathook, Of Candles and Coconut oil, Library Rat, Are you here?, Playing Pretend, A Story About Stars, Honeyed Be Thy Name, Standard Issue Withstander Field Guide: The Nihl, The Multi Unitraversal, Irish Coffee, Echoes of the Searing, On The Common Vampyre, The Gatekeeper's Sketchbook, Non-Existence Therapy

In addition to the many articles that were stolen by the Magpies, some authors added a little something extra to their notices. Those who did are recorded below:

How to include

To take part in WL's 2022 April Fools event, all you need to do is use the paper div to add a missing notice for your tale! You can use the copy paste example, or come up with your own.

This theme is currently active site-wide, but if for any reason you'd like to add this theme to a page after the event concludes, add this to the top of said page and it will implement the theme again:

[[include :wanderers-library:component:stolen-theme]]

Theme Components

[[div class="paper"]]

Your missing notice goes here! It can be themed however you'd like, but if you're stuck, you can use the copy paste example below, or you can use what Ayman mentioned above as inspiration - Magpies stole things from the Library, Pages have been leaving notices on the shelves where the books are normally stored noting what book was taken, what it was about, and that the disappearances are being looked in to.

Alternatively, you can also have Owlpede (or another staff member) write a "replacement" version of your tale. This again can be themed however you'd like, but the idea is to be a rushed and probably not as nice copy of your original tale. It just depends on how much time and effort you'd like to put into your April Fools activities!


An alternative horizontal rule is available as well if the "-----" is enclosed in a "fancyhr" class div, like so:

[[div_ class="fancyhr"]]

Resulting in this:

There is also a special border that can be enabled by adding the "fancyborder" class to any element. For instance, this is the code to this block:

[[div_ class="fancyborder"]]
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