The Wretched Luncheon
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Welcome, welcome! Table for one? Oh, dining solo, are we? Well, that's no matter. Is this your first time with us? I expect it would be — it's been many, many years since the Luncheon passed through this part of the Library. Don't be put off by the decor — it's just for flavor, you see. I'll be your server for tonight, so don't hesitate to call me over if you need anything.

Oh, don't worry about where the Librarians are. And you'll be more than welcome to find your way to the Ways once you finish your meal.

But you will finish your meal.





You'll have to pay before you can leave, of course. Those prices aren't a joke — we're only in the Library now and again, and you wouldn't believe the operating costs. You can stay here and make your selection of what to give up, I'll get the hacksaw. It'll only be a minute — thank you for dining with us!

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