Cornelius The Goat Slayer
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I remember it,
The day the goats came for us.
A corn massacre,
Their arrival was signaled
By their terrible bleating.

At first, all seemed well.
Maybe they were here in peace.
Foolish to think so,
For soon they devoured us
Without mercy, without doubt.

Screams filled the night sky
As those monsters ate my kin.
I can still hear them.
Pleading, begging the monsters
But their cries fell on deaf ears.

Woe be upon me!
But I did not stay down long
For duty called me
On that day, I swore the oath
Yes, the oath of the slayer.

That day, I became
The slayer of foul goat beasts
Spawn of Baphomet
On that day, my heart blackened.
That day, I was sworn to hunt.

Until SCP.
They imprisoned me for naught,
Halting my crusade.
Told me that my hate is wrong
That I can get over it.

I, Cornelius
Slayer of beasts, stop hating
That which ate my kin?
They searched for a cure to hate
And found it in therapy.

And time heals all wounds.
Maybe goats aren't so bad.
Maybe goats are cute.
Maybe I was wrong to hate.
Maybe I can forgive them.

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