Courting the Dark Lady
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For as long as I have walked in the light, I have never known such splendor as in the abyssal depths of the gaze of the elusive Lady Death. Many nights I have spent in wait of her seductive touch, only to find I wake again when the sunlight rakes my skin. In dreams we dance among the stars, but our affair is bittersweet, for I know one touch of her crimson lips is enough to stop my heart.

Even still, I spend each day waiting for the sun to set, and in the waning light I close my eyes and call her name. "M'Lady, I implore you, come sit with me this eve. I wish to share my tales with you from beyond the umber veil. Your satin hair and onyx eyes belie the depth within, but by the glow of my lonely lantern I yearn to take the dive."

In a gentle unfolding of silken petals, she emerges from the darkness. Her smile shines like the crescent moon as she reaches out her hand. With gentle invitation, she offers me a choice. "Give up your lantern and with it that of you which I adore, or learn that our polarity is a necessary dance. For the light of day and the cloak of night are, on their own, consuming."

I know the truth behind her words, and I feel her love for me, so despite my yearning I sit in stillness and observe the ebb and flow. If love is not a union, but a dance of dark and light, then I will let it guide me back and forth in perfect time. The harmony between us will bring divine alignment, and set us on the path to finding everlasting bliss.

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