Crazy Tree
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He is a tree.

He was crazy, because he wanted to touch the bright starry sky with his treetop. And as everyone knows, that's absolutely impossible.

The trees around him are much smarter, at least much more normal: "Fool, how can a tree grow up to the sky?" "You got bugs in your head?" "Let me teach you, we trees can't grow too high, because too high will make it difficult for nutrients to reach the top…" "Ha ha ha!" "Tut, why can't I walk? I want to stay away from this guy!"

"Ignore him. Lunatic."

He didn't listen. He tore his ears. The wind howled and swept up the waves of his leaves, and he applauded himself enthusiastically with the leaves, sending a shout to the world that no one was listening: "I want to touch the starry sky!!"

Starry sky smiled and did not say anything.

As a result of his all-out growth, he did grow much taller and stronger than his counterparts. Whether you see it or not, it's true. However, he is only a tree after all, and he has already found that he has reached the limit of a tree. But his craze for the starry sky has not changed, even though the starry sky is still so far away.

He grips the earth beneath his feet with his messy roots with increasing ferocity, and continues to grow and grow against the hazy spring fog, the scorching summer sun, the sluggish autumn wind, and the biting winter snow…

Did he succeed in the end?

Ha! I think you know that.

Now, it's a night many years later. The starry sky are very beautiful tonight. And he stood still, like iron. He was happy to finally get out of the spotlight of some bipedal animals and have a rest. Now it's good, to bathe in the starlight pouring down from the Milky way and enjoy the fragrance brought by the breeze.

He looked to the sky. His former madness for the starry sky had dissipated an unknown number of years ago. Gone with the wind. Over the years, some words sank into his heart. Now those thousands of words have merged into a trickle, gently flowing out:

"I still don't understand."

The starry sky replied with a smile: "Yes, you don't understand."

Oh God, me too.

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