Daddy Is My Superhero
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I remember feeling really sleepy after I opened my eyes. Everything was dark and for some reason I didn't feel like moving. I wanted to say something, but I think I forgot how to use my mouth. How funny! How could I forget to do something as easy as that?

I tried to look around. I was in my room, but it looked really weird. Nothing was the same! What happened to my fluffy white curtains? Mommy always had them open, just a little bit. That's because I told her that I liked it when the sun was on me. It got so warm and happy whenever that happened. But now they looked different. It made me sad. And so did my bed! Where did my big pink blanket go? Or Mr. Wooflestuckins? That silly blue bear was always getting himself in so much trouble. I'd always have to tell Mr. Wooflestuckins at night, "Don't be jumping on me when I go to sleep! I need a goodnight's rest for school tomorrow." I hope he's okay now. Maybe he fell off trying to do magic tricks again.

Someone was sitting next to me in my bed. It took me a really long time to see them because my eyes were fuzzy. For a very fast second I didn't know who it was. But I couldn't forget that soft and kind smile. The smile that just made you feel so safe whenever you look at it. The very second I saw that smile, I knew who was beside me. It was Daddy!

Daddy was my superhero. He could never do anything wrong, never.

I could see that Daddy was talking to me. But it was hard for me to hear him. What was he saying? Silly Daddy! I wanted to tell him to use his big chest and talk louder, but I think I was too sleepy.

Daddy was so goofy. Whenever he made his chest really big and put his hands to his waist, he looked like Superman!

He kept smiling at me. After a very fast second, Daddy got up from his chair and scooted it closer to my bed. We looked at each other for a really long while. I wonder what Daddy was thinking? He was always daydreaming. Mommy would always make fun of us because we would always daydream at the same time. After Mommy caught us daydreaming together, Daddy and I would laugh so much. Mommy always said I was Daddy's little girl.

Daddy grabbed my hand and held it. He was so warm and gentle. Was he going to tell me another one of his stories?

My Daddy loved telling stories. His favorite stories were ones about the kingdom he grew up in. That's right, my Daddy was born in a super real kingdom! Full of magical beasts, kings and princesses, even fairies that could sparkle and fly. Everyone thought my Daddy was crazy. Even Ms. Smithy said so, and she's my teacher! But he's never lied to me, never. Every night, just before bedtime, he would tell me all about his crazy adventures. His favorite one was about saving a tiny elf from an evil robber. Daddy would always stand up and yell when he told his stories. Sometimes he would even give the people in his stories really funny voices. It was hard not to laugh!

But after all of his stories, I think Daddy would get really sad. He did his very best to not show me, but it never really worked. I tried asking him about it. Many, many times. But every time I ask, he'd always just say, "They did not like me. I was not magical like they were. Over time, I had to forget about my home and accept that I couldn't be what they wanted. Jaden, you and your Mother are my home now. You're my great big city! Much more than any kingdom!" Daddy was so strange, wasn't he?

He was still holding my hand, smiling a big grin. I remember feeling even sleepier. My body was beginning to feel super weird. It was hard for me to look at one spot for a long time. Was I sick? Daddy and Mommy made sure I was always super clean before I left outside. Germs are really yucky, ew!

After a while I could finally hear some of my Daddy's words. His words were soft. He kept saying the same thing. Over and over again. I think he knew that I couldn't hear him at first. But, after a super long time, I could finally hear what he was trying to tell me.

"I'm sorry."

And then I began to remember. It was coming back to me, all at once. Daddy, Mommy, and I in the car. The tree. The rain. Daddy jerking the wheel and the falling. Us spinning around and around, in a bunch of really big circles. I remembered the glass breaking and the really loud noise of something exploding. That really scared me. And it all happened so very fast that it feels like it didn't happen at all. I think I hit my head really hard too because everything went black for a second. But I didn't have to worry, because Daddy was there to save me! He got out of our little car and got me from the back. I remember feeling his soft hands carry me away while everything kept spinning.

I don't remember seeing Mommy get out of the car. I wonder what happened to her?

After I remembered, I began to feel even sleepier. I still couldn't move at all. The room was twirling in a bunch of different ways. I remember hearing a really loud beeping sound. It was all really scary.

But Daddy is my superhero.

He held my hand and patted my cheek. He stayed with me as the lights got even darker and the world started going black. I felt like I was in a really old school TV, with all the fuzz going around and around on the screen. I wasn't scared. Daddy was there for me, and he was all I needed. Daddy was my city. He stayed still and kept smiling.

"It's okay, baby. You can rest now."

The beeping turned into a long sound. The world continued to disappear as I laid on my bed. Somehow, I still didn't feel scared. I was happy! Daddy was with me and together we were okay. He was there for me as I breathed my final breath. As my happy memories began to fade away. For one final time, I looked at him and his smile.

My Daddy was a superhero. But not even he can save an entire city.

Daddy was my superhero.

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