Darling Jenny
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A wandrin' boy, so fair a wean,
Walked by your rushy banks.
He stopped to stare at eyes so green.
You guttered out your thanks.

And oh, my darlin' Jenny, will you sing a lullaby
as your eyes draw him deeply down, so deeply?
Will they promise things like magic springs as you draw him down?

He asks your name, so sweet a boy,
you answer Jenny Greenteeth
He offers his hand, does Bruce McCoy
And you drag him down beneath.

And oh, my darlin' Jenny, do you sing a lullaby
as you drag the fair boy deeply down, so deeply?
Does our Jenny sing of Fisher Kings as you drag him down?

The water's still, no more a boil,
the stuggling's all but ceased.
No trace is left but broken soil
on the bank you found your feast.

And oh, my darlin' Jenny, did you sing a lullaby
as you pulled the young one deeply down, so deeply?
Did he yet cling to mortal things as you pulled him down?

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