David S. Crawley

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A New Urban Explorer1

Panel 1: DAVE wandering through a city. A contemporary city, fuck it, it's Leeds.

DAVE CAPTION: Home sweet home… Shame I leave all the time…

Panel 2: Dave is in shadow as a glowing door opens in front of him.

CAPTION: Although, I've been lots of new places. Which is cool.

Panel 3: He's now in a mystical medieval city, with a large monster advertising Coke walking by.

Panel 4: He's walking across a building, which is jutting out of sheer vertical cliff-face along with the rest of a city. He's seems quite content.

Panel 5: He's fighting off what looks like a demonic MLP-esque biscuit unicorn with a giant broken stick of Rainbow Dust, other monstrous confectionaries are nearby.

Panel 6: A bizarre, almost Mega-City 1 looking city. There are giants wandering round too.

CAPTION: Although some places are just weird.


Panel 1: Dave is in the Mega-City, hanging off a billboard with a spray-can in his hand. We don't see what he's drawn.

CAPTION: And sometimes I really just have to leave a mark.

Panel 2: We see the billboard now, it is an arcane looking symbol wrapped in graffiti-tag. One of the giants is looking at it.

CAPTION: Yeah, art-magic's fun. I've basically drawn something which shows everyone who sees it, exactly what they need to see.

Panel 3: The giant is enraged, red lighting flares from it's mouth and eyes.

CAPTION: …Only some people don't like it…

Panel 4: He's in another city now, where the buildings all look like giant statues with windows. There is a tag on the wall, another arcane looking symbol. This one is a stylised 'L' and an 87.

CAPTION: You can probably tell where I've been, and I've been everywhere.

Panel 5: Dave looking at a card in his hand.

CAPTION: I even got a special card for a library somewhere…



Art-Magic practitioner and known layabout. Mr. Crawley can be found more than likely hanging around either the sections regarding interdimensional travel, cities and other urban enviroments, or at the Coffee Shop making hipsters cry. Several of his works are currently being considered for display within the library. He is also a member of the Library's Book Club.

Tombstone Gardening
Harlequin Skin
Ascendor - Storming The Gates Tour 2014
Witch Season

The Missing Catalogue

Dave's Sketchbook
(If lost, return to front desk. We will throw it at him, next time we see him.)

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