Definitely Itching
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Jay Humbert dreamed, that he was floating in space. He couldn't feel his body, in fact, he wasn't sure if it existed anymore. He was saddened by this, but nevertheless, he felt at peace. Then, there was a tug, in the same place where his chest would be, reminding him of some distant reality. A reality, where there was something more than just emptiness. What this something was, he couldn't remember.
Then, the tug got stronger and he was awakened, with an itching on his chest. He scratched it, and it passed. He stayed there for a while, just laying, slightly disappointed by the sensation of having a body. Eventually he got up however, and walked up to the window of his suite, scratching his head. He watched the colorful humanoids going about their business on the street below, under a purple morning sky, in awe, that he was on actual alien planet.

He had been sent to Cradus, the planet of the Whoremongers, by the Starfall Trading Company, as a negotiator for possible trade routes between the Pharanax and Milky Way galaxies. The Company had paid for a week in the Serenity Resort, one of the most luxurious hotels in the Misty Mountains. The food was amazing, the bed was soft and the robotic staff, made to look like whatever race they were serving, were very hospitable, even though their forced smiles and dead eyes were slightly terrifying. The hotel also had a load of activities and services, which Jay had taken full advantage of. Most recently, he had had a massage just before going to bed last night.

He got dressed, and walked through the lavish corridors, then descending the large set of stairs to the dining hall for breakfast. In the dining hall, he spotted Adrienne, another human Jay had befriended during his stay. Walking towards her, he couldn't help but notice that she was itching violently.

"Are you having an allergic reaction?", he asked while sitting down next to her.
"Maybe. I think this has something to do with the massage I had a couple of days ago. It was absolutely wonderful though, I almost felt like my body didn't even exist during it", she said.

They talked for a while, but their conversation was cut short by Adrienne suddenly grabbing her stomach and vomiting on the floor. What came out of her mouth however, was not vomit, rather than a liquid hole in space. It was black like the night sky, with speckles of white in it, like stars. The puddle hole, pulled at Jay's mind, like it wanted him to dive in it. He was however distracted from this feeling by Adrienne, who sprinted past him towards the stairwell leading to the rooms.

Jay followed her all the way to her room, where she had left the door ajar. At first he didn't see her, but there was a strange, low hum filling the air around him, which got stronger with every step. When he looked into the bathroom, what he saw was no longer Adrienne. In her place there was another hole in space, this one shaped like a human woman, suspended in mid-air. It resonated with an eerie melody and a strange energy radiated from it, making all the hairs on Jay's body stand up. He had the chance to look at it for only a few seconds however, before it folded into itself repeatedly and disappeared.

Then, Jay felt something. He was definitely itching.

Void Massage

Our massage therapists, specially trained in void magic, will provide you with a unique out-of-body experience that will relax all of your muscles by temporarily making them non-existent!

*Serenity Resort Inc is not responsible for possible cases of insanity, dematerialisation, or spontaneous planar travel to the Darkness Between Realms*
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