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A woman in a town. That’s all she was.
Just another woman in just another town.
Nothing more special. Nothing more normal. Than anybody else.
Just another woman. In just another town.

One day, she notices something. Realizes something.
Something that’ll make the world anew.
Something that would frighten all if they knew.
But alas, no one did. No one but her.
And so, the world was destined to become hers.

While walking down a sidewalk, somewhat crowded as usual, she reaches out her middle and forefinger to gently touch the hand of a man passing by. To an onlooker, it’d seem as if she was flirting with someone who bore no interest and carried on. But to her, it was as if binding a soul and mind to herself without restraint. For the second after her gentle touch was complete, his thread of fate became undone.

As was the case for the next man who bent down to retrieve a paper. And the man who had just exited a tea shop. And the man who nearly bumped into her while turning a corner. And the man who served her drink at the bar. And the man who handed her change at the store.

And one by one. Every man’s fate was undone.
They had all succumb to the power of a sun.

At first, it was simple. Childish even.
She would need not. Want not. Ask not.
Simply receive. Whatever her heart desired.
Kabuli Sheer Yakh from a stand. Cachaça from a bar.
The right of way from every driver of a car.
Everything was hers without notice. Without question.
Everything she could possibly desire. Hidden enough to receive without ire.

For fortunate she was. To have the foresight to hide it.
To not make it too clear what was going on.
For to every other woman in town. All the men were simply beautifully bound.
Oh how they envied her. Oh how they stared.
When they saw her receiving what they wished were theirs.

On a scheduled afternoon, she enters a hotel and sits in the lobby. Not long after, a drink is brought to her outstretched hand. She sips and continues to read a magazine. In a few moments time, a stocky man approaches her with a gentle smile. He leans down, points to her current page, and says something low: “Invest in their stock three days from now. Sell on August 6th.” She looks at him with a gentle smile before he leaves just as well as he arrived.

Currency became of no issue. Not that she needed to spend much of it.
Free dinner here. Free drink there.
Lowered rent. Even free services when she needed them.
Life became a breeze. Of little complication.
Beyond avoiding her government’s eye of course.

One day, her sensual desires took hold.
And, without a second thought, she selected a man who would supply.
Into a motel with non-functioning cameras she entered.
And in the room he waited.
The partner of her neighbor’s friend.
The man she desired then.
Now to have him.
For this morning and more.

It was perhaps a year’s time.
Before she noticed something else.
Realized something new.
And with this, her reach became greater.
And with that, her desires became endless.

For one night, while in her own bed, she experienced a second-hand sensation from a woman she had never met. A woman who was in bed with a man of her own. A man whose thread had long ago been undone. Pleasing herself to the other woman’s engagement, she melted into her sheets. Experiencing what she did not think would be possible. Making it last longer than the man had ever gone with the other woman before, she was engulfed in it all. And when she reemerged in form, returning to her shape, she held on a little longer. Gently pleasing herself before receiving him all over.

It was perhaps two years’ time.
Before she noticed something more.
Realized something beyond.
And with this, her reach became tremendous.
And with that, her desires became nearly insatiable.

For one evening, while in her own bed, she experienced a first-hand sensation from many. Their touch, their parts, she could feel it all. Feasting on their sensations, she dissolved into her bed. Experiencing what could not be explained. Letting it last longer than she had ever gone with anyone before, she was drowning blissfully in it all. Never to reemerge in form, never to return to shape, she could only experience. Never to touch the ground again.

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