Deus ex Mundo
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I think that God is real.

I believe I saw Him yesterday, picking up glass bottles in that dusty alley between Cooper's and that tenement building no one remembers the name of. He was picking up glass bottles, and I don't really know why. He obviously had quite a few in His pack already, and when He moved the clinking sounds of glass-on-glass were audible even from my vantage across the street. He found a bottle of half-drunk beer, and downed it without hesitation. Or maybe it was water before He found it, and He turned it to beer! Was this why He collected bottles? I suddenly had a thought: what if He had multiplied the glasses, just as He did the loaves and fish? That must be it. Of course…

But then, I saw God again. This time, outside Eisenhower. You see a lot of people at the metro, but God isn't supposed to be one of them. At least, I don't think so… He was just sitting there on a bench, wearing an olive green jacket that didn't fit His large frame, and circular sunglasses with a lens missing. There were empty needles next to Him on the bench, and I wondered why. Was this some other miracle? He seemed to be sleeping with His eyes open, but no one paid Him any mind. Suddenly, two police officers came up beside Him, and hauled His body off the bench aggressively. They must be preparing him for crucifixion! I wanted to speak out, but God bore it so peacefully, without struggle. Yes, He has to do this to save us. Of course…

It didn't stop there. I'm not sure if it will ever stop. I was on my way back home, back to my apartment in D.C., when I saw Him again. Or… Her? She was a young child in a ratty purple hoodie, playing in a patch of dirt that was supposed to be a playground. She had nothing to play with but a few bits of mangled plastic and a bit of fuzz, and yet She still held those items with utmost respect and joy. There were other children around Her, who She was telling a story in exchange for coins. Her eyes were alive, and I could swear I saw Her breathe into the others. I couldn't believe it, it must be Her come back from the grave three days later, lending the Holy Spirit to Her disciples. Of course…

There was only one other time I saw God that day. Why? I'm not sure. I've seen Him since, everywhere… I walked into my apartment, the days events heavy on my mind. Exhausted, I broke bread and ate. The fridge was out of jelly and butter, though. There was not much to do, but to sit with the things I had seen that day. I took a shower, as if to baptize myself in the Jordan and wash away the things of the past. When I exited, the room was clouded with steam. I wiped the dew from the mirror, and there saw the truth through the mist:

God looked back at me from behind the glass.
Of course.
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