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You are now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: Hi

You: hey

Stranger: M or F

You: ?

Stranger: M or F

Stranger: im M

You: oh uh

You: Y

Stranger: Y?

You: yeah

Stranger: what's that

You: yenzir

Stranger: rly

You: yeah

You: oh wait lol

You: where are you from

Stranger: NY

You: new york?

Stranger: yes

You: oh shit lol you're a human

Stranger: yeah what else would i be

Stranger: M or F

You: oh yeng this is funny nobody told you yet?

Stranger: told me what

Stranger: M or F dude come on

You: WeChat expanded bro

Stranger: ??

You: yeah

You: into space

Stranger: bullshit

Stranger: come on man if this is part of like a youtube video or something im not biting

Stranger: im not a pedo i just want to chat

You: lol no you're good

You: but no bullshit

Stranger: space huh

You: yeah

Stranger: where in space

You: most of the hypaxian sector, out to al-cantares

Stranger: that's not real

You: yeah it is bro i'm on l'omnor right now

Stranger: whatever ill play along im bored

Stranger: what's yenzir

You: ok so

You: humans reproduce sexually right

Stranger: sure

You: so Male inseminates and Female gestates

Stranger: i guess

You: Yenzir heravips post-gestation

Stranger: wtf

You: what's confusing about it

Stranger: wtf is heravips

You: wow are you just stupid or are all humans this dumb

Stranger: fuck off i dont watch star treck

You: sorry you're right that was uncalled for

You: let me see if I can use an analogy

You: like when a ferrohen expels the egg-sac and the archrooster consumes it to transfer yun'gheritastis to the embryo

Stranger: am i having a stroke

You: is this just not translating?

You: it's cool I'll just send a picture

You: https://cdn.omnorapp.web/attachments/304061691317053553205248/yenzir_diagram.png

Stranger: i cant open it

You: copy-paste it into your browser bar

You: did it work

Stranger has disconnected.

You: lol pussy

You have disconnected.

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