Dino Spy
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Operation #68

The Research

The most wealthy raptors in town are hosting a party tonight. This is my chance; if I do this correctly, I might be able to create a revolt worth the entire world’s attention. I need to obtain information before the party starts, can’t do much without intel. First off, a list of the things that I already know. Both the hosts and the guests are extremely wealthy people and the party has a whitelist that has yet to be revealed. The party will take place at the host’s house, a gorgeous house at the coast of the town, isolated from the busy parts of the city. The thing I need to find out now is what are they celebrating, if it’s actually a celebration. I will be heading out to see if anyone has any useful information.

The party’s host, Snozzi, was being interview live on TV, a party of such caliber won’t pass unnoticed by the press. They really tried to get her talking, but all of her answers were short and concise. She said this party was to celebrate her daughter’s birthday. Bullshit. You wouldn’t be so secretive about a birthday party. Guests range from famous artists and models to scientists and business owners, weird, I don’t see any link between all the guests. There’s no way the birthday thing is actually legit.

I almost got my claws stuck on the table, I can’t figure out what’s going on. A quick search on the internet revealed that her daughter’s birthday was not today, but later this month. She could have come up with a better lie to be honest. Unless it’s just an early birthday party? Is she that famous that she doesn’t have time to celebrate her daughters birthday in time? I have to figure out what she’s actually hiding.

I found something. Snozzi has been leaving the city often, and that’s not something you’d do without a good reason, after all, we’re the only velociraptor city. The closest city is Sinos, which is inhabited by Sinoceratops. They’re really creative with names, aren’t they? One thing is for sure, they’re not usually friendly with us unless we have a common struggle. Regardless, Sinos is still pretty far away, over a hundred thousand feet towards the south. Why would she go there? Does she have contacts there? I better keep an eye out for any Sinoceratops on the party, luckily for me, they’re big enough to not go unnoticed.

There’s more strange stuff about Snozzi. Many leaks said that she donated humongous amounts of cretas to charity and other organizations. This couldn't be for maintaining a good public image as the donations were all anonymous. She has donated around 40 million cretas between many different organizations. The organizations that got the most money were the HAVC, also known as the Humanitarian Aid for Velociraptor Children, and towards many different space-related organizations. Even weirder is the fact that Snozzi’s daughter is an astronomer. Did she ask for funds? But then, what about the donation to the HAVC? Fuck, I’m running out of time, and I have to get ready to get into the party.

The Act

I put on my most glamorous tuxedo and sharpened my claws, just in case. I walked towards Snozzi’s house and from the distance you could see many colored lights coming out from her house along with hundreds, maybe even thousands of people in front of her house. Everyone heard about this party, if they wanted secrecy they should have come up with a better idea. No Sinoceratops present so far.

I walked around the house in search of a way of getting in. There was a hole on the backyard’s fence. Seems like I’m not the first one that has attempted to break in. Anyway, I crawl through the tiny hole in the backyard, and I come face to face with Snozzi’s garden. It’s a huge garden filled with dozens of flowers, plants and trees. The grass is short and well maintained.

I spot a little shack and I spy through the window only to find strange machines instead of gardening equipment. Maybe they’re used by her daughter for scientific research or something. I need to get in. I turn to the other side of the shack, and I attempt to open the door to no avail, it’s locked. Maybe I could try something. I carefully put my index’s finger claw into the keyhole (it hurts), unlocking the door with it. My claw is now broken, and many of its splinters are now stuck inside the stupid keyhole. There’s no time to stop now. I slowly open the door to face the strange machinery. With it’s screens, lights and sounds it looks like something from a science fiction book. I approach the closest machine and inspect it, but it still makes no sense, it looks like a radar with a single target slowly approaching.

That’s when I hear steps approaching the shack, shit. I swiftly hide behind the door. The anticipation feels eternal until I see a hooded raptor enter the shack and looking around. A robber breaking into Snozzi’s house at the same time as me? I grab a wrench and hit the intruder in the head. They hit the ground unconscious, that was close.

“Oh. Are you that guy, uh, Irko?” A voice behind me asks.

It’s Snozzi. Fuck, this stupid raptor was followed by her. Wait, she knows my name?

“How do you-”

“I’ve heard of you and your… operations. You spread rumors and chaos wherever you go for your own entertainment.” She says in a condescending tone.

“It’s art. You wouldn’t understand.”

“Clearly.” She mocks me.

People are always like this, mocking or refusing my creations. They think I do this for my own pleasure, but that’s not true. I do this for the recognition, this world needs something interesting and I can deliver. I even saved her from this criminal!

“I protected you from this burglar.” I remarked.

“Don’t bother lying, Irko. I saw you get in, this fool was following your steps.” She says.

What do I do now? I can’t get caught like this, that would be humiliating, a petty thief ruining my life’s work. I can think of a way out. I’ve done this several times. I just need to stall her.

“These machines, what are they?”

She stayed silent for a few seconds before answering.

“I guess I can tell you. It’s not like you can do anything about it.” She says, looking at the raptor laying on the ground.

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“These my daughter’s private astronomical equipment. Now come here.” She approaches and points at the radar I saw before.

“This dot you see here: It’s a meteor.”

“A meteor?” I respond, perplexed.

“We have around two weeks before it hits our planet.” She says stoically.

“You’re joking, right?”

“I wish. The biggest problem is it’s size, big enough to wipe out all life on Earth.”

She’s trying to scare me off. But… why would she say something like that and expect me to believe it. I need to figure out what’s really going on.

“I don’t believe you.” I say.

“Well, it’s up to you if you want to believe it or not, it won’t change our fate.”

“How are you so calm about it?! Do you have a private back-up plan and you’re hiding it from everyone else?!” I lose my composure.

“No, I don’t. However, there are plans for an underground shelter for a few hundred people; they have been selected as the most fit for survival.”

“The most fit?”

“Yes. Children are the ones with the greatest odds of surviving under the surface, with adults to guide them, of course.”

She’s lying. This is non-sense! I broke into her house without permission and now she wants revenge. I just realized, the donations she did to HAVC.

“The donations. Are they related to this?” I ask.

“Oh, you’ve done your research. But yes, I provided funds necessary for the survival of our species, if we even have a chance at all…” She looks lost in thought.

This is too much, it makes no sense, what’s wrong with this woman? She doesn’t look like she’s lying, however. Then, I suddenly hear police sirens in the distance. She already called the police? Goddamit.

“Why would you even tell me this?!” I yell, panicked.

“I have to punish you for breaking into my house and why not some impending doom?” She laughs.

I run towards the hole I came in, for a chance to escape.

The Conclusion

This didn’t turn out at all like I expected and Snozzi almost outsmarted me. The police weren't able to find me, as usual. Most would call this operation a failure, even if I managed to escape. I disagree, the information Snozzi gave me about the meteor is my chance to do my greatest work yet, and possibly the last if all of this turns out to be true. Stay tuned, friends.

— Irko

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