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There is something crawling around inside of me

All sharp elbows and gnawing teeth



Makes my skin feel tight

Occupies the empty space in my ribcage

Where my lungs should be

Presses its body against my throat

Squeezes my heart

Milks it of its blood.

I can't look up from

The ground.

Yet I still feel the eyes




Bile burns my throat

I want to remove everything

Within me

Air my insides out on a clothesline.

I gag

I dig my nails into my cheeks

And nothing escapes me.

Cold shame runs down

My back

I crave so desperately

To be alone


The empty space reaches down my throat

Steals my breath

Gags me in its vastness

And as I choke

Tears well in my eyes

Cool my burning face

And I am relieved.

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