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Ahoy. This is Dr BierreDr Bierre, more commonly known as Evfist. I write things sometimes and sometimes people like them!


Title Description
House Of Dreams Descend into an unknown world. You are not welcome.
The Bear With Human Eyes Something malevolent is lurking out there, betwixt the pines.
Thunderbird The electro-deity soars through purple skies.
Minotaur A visitor? A friend.
Jaws Of A Shrieking Blaze Your sobbing will be lost amidst the heavy clockwork.
A Cure For The Living Dead Everyone craves change.


Title Description
Lullaby of Lavender Lapidary The veneration of a violent violet visitor.
Flesh Rhapsody I want to carve it all off. Do you?
The Chemists' War The war is over, but I am not home.


Backrooms Author Page I've also written a lot of Backrooms things, though some of my articles there are very old, and very terrible.
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