Homemade Venusian Cookies with Sulfurroot
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Homemade Venusian Cookies with Sulfurroot


Berenick La'aine
Author, cook, traveler

🕑Cooking time: 90 minutes
👽Difficulty: Medium
⭐Rating: ★★★★☆ 4.0

These cookies (also called Khash'Çel where they come from) were my favorite snack during my stay in Port Jorr'ol on Venus. I remember when I first tasted them, their simultaneous sweet and tart flavor overwhelmed me a bit, but soon I began to understand why these cookies are so popular among Venusians of all ages. They pair perfectly with mint tea or, if you prefer a less contrasting and milder garnish, melted margarine. Bear in mind that most of the key ingredients in this recipe are native to Venus, and denizens of the outer planets of the Solar System could have difficulty acquiring some of them, so should you wish to use substitutes, please check online how to do it safely. Personally, I can assure you that geyserwheat flour can be replaced with powdered Iosian edible stone and the taste won't noticeably change.


  • 2¼ cups of geyserwheat flour
  • 150g margarine/vegetable butter (preferably those made from bononut oil)
  • ¾ of a cup of powdered sugar (or less)
  • Big pinch of salt
  • 1 medium sulfurroot leaf (about the length of your palm)
  • 1 tsp. of lakça extract
  • 2 chicken eggs (preferably, of course, from the variety found on Venus; I advise against Jupiter chicken eggs, they make the dough too thick)

Step by step

1. Sift the flour through a fine sieve twice. Add salt and powdered sugar, sifted once. Mix thoroughly.

2. Chop the butter into small pieces (for easier kneading). Put the chopped butter in the flour and sugar mixture. Remember not to start kneading just yet.

3. Slice the sulfurroot leaf lengthways. Carefully remove the pulp and cut it into small pieces, then mash it with a fork or a mixer with a suitable attachment to make a mush. When you see foam beginning to form, it's done. Don't overdo it!

4. Crack both of the eggs into the bowl with the flour, sugar and butter mixture, add the lakça extract and the freshly made sulfurroot paste. Knead in protective gloves (latex gloves are enough) — prolonged contact of thermally unprocessed sulfurroot with the skin can negatively affect its health. Always remember to properly prepare your sulfurroot before consumption!

5. When the dough achieves light yellow hue and stops sticking to the gloves, knead it into a ball, wrap it in cling film and put into the fridge for about 60 minutes.

6. In the meantime, preheat the oven to 190°C/463K. Remember that if your oven is not adapted to Venusian food, you must make sure that your kitchen is well ventilated while baking these cookies.

7. After about 60 minutes, remove the dough from the refrigerator. On a baking sheet lined with baking paper, make balls of about 5 cm in diameter, and slightly flatten them with the bottom of a spoon (but only a little, not more than 0.5 cm). Bake for about 10-15 minutes, until a light brown gloss is achieved around the edges of the cookies.

8. Remove your cookies from the oven and let them cool on a wire rack. *Bon appetit!*



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⁂bere_nick this is crappy i made this and my oven bloo up , not recomended
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  • HUMS 3

5:45 pm · Wednesday, 02/28/2210


Berenick La'aine

Hi ⁂zosia39, are you sure you ventilated your kitchen properly during baking? I mentioned this in the recipe, it's even bolded. When baking anything with sulfurroot, certain precautions should be taken because of the characteristics inherent in all Venus-derived plants.
  • ECHOES 8
  • HUMS 13

9:18 am · Friday, 03/01/2210


Hazel Jaquin

⁂bere_nick Delicious! Much thanks for the amazing recipe, it was simple enough to make with the kids (of course they had their gloves on and I made sure they didn't try to eat the raw dough). We also have an appropriate oven so there were no problems. I recommended your blog to my friends ;)
  • ECHOES 0
  • HUMS 5

8:01 pm · Sunday, 06/09/2211



⁂bere_nick I didn't have sulfurroot, so I replaced it with a sweet potato, cause I heard they have similar consistency, and I also ran out of eggs, but I had some vinegar, which I've heard is a substitute. You boast so much in this recipe that you can use substitutes, and when I used them, it didn't work out. Any explanation for this? 🤔
  • ECHOES 30
  • HUMS 15

5:30 pm · Wednesday, 10/27/2211


Berenick La'aine

Hi ⁂RetroGamerX, I didn't specify this, because it seemed too obvious to me, but… Sulfurroot cookies won't work without sulfurroot. It's their main ingredient! You can use substitutes with more universal products, such as flour or sugar. I'm not at all surprised that when trying to make sulfurroot cookies with sweet potatoes instead of sulfurroot, you came to naught ;D
  • ECHOES 23
  • HUMS 50

7:09 pm · Sunday, 10/27/2211

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