Drowning, Drowning
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Down, down, down I sink
Reeling still from the gunshot
Ocean's depths, dragging me down
Where I will be crushed
Never to be found
In the depths, I will lie
Nested among rocks, or atop sand
Gradually turning to dust

Darker, darker, darker yet
Rays of the light sink down and die
Out here, above the abyss
When it is oh so cold
Nothing truly matters now
I make peace with my fate
Never really had a chance
Guess it's pointless to think now

"Drowning's taking a long time
Really, it's almost surreal
Oh, why must the world try keep me?
Never have I wanted to go more than now"
I think to myself as I continue to sink
No longer wishing to live
God may take my soul if this is how he ends me

Deeper, deeper, deeper I go
Red, blue, green lights flash about me
Out of air, it took way too long
Water fills my tired lungs
Now it's coming to an end
In the depths, with my broken body
Night falls upon my life
Gunshot wound bleeding a cloud of red

My drowning is at its end.

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