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I love this feeling
Of unripe desire.
Lusting on that ice cream,
Coveting on that shy guy who
Blushes like the Forbidden Fruit.

I enjoy corrupting
My pure mind, sweetening my
Thoughts with some
Black sugar and then
Washing my hands in
Perfume birthed from honey.

I thrill this loop
Of cannibalizing, nibbling,
Gnawing myself.
The tips of my fingers
The chords of my waist
The sorrow of my belly
All stained in magnesium, zinc,
Copper and carbohydrates.

I crave the sugary bitterness
Of sinking my tooth into
Your fibrous anger,
Godly sap of the Original Sin,
Tasting quite like
Bitter almonds.

But soon, the sugar cube
In acidic waters dissolves
Like a grafted tongue in a rose.
And soon, the cherry on top,
Falls and rots.

Yet, the sour taste embeds
Its hidden roots in my teeth
To blossom inwards, and then
I no longer love this feeling.

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