Echoes of Darkness
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In shadows they lurk,
Eyes gleaming with hunger's thirst,
Nightmares come alive.

Creaking, haunted house,
Whispers echo through the halls,
Spirits seeking rest.

Moonlight casts its spell,
Unveiling the macabre,
Ghosts dance in the dark.

Blood stains on the floor,
Screams muffled by ancient walls,
Echoes of horror.

Claws scratch at the door,
Terror's grip tightens its hold,
Fear consumes their souls.

Lost in the maze of dread,
Sanity slips through their grasp,
Madness claims their minds.

A chilling silence,
Dread lingers in every breath,
Evil reigns supreme.

Escape is futile,
Trapped in the realm of nightmares,
Their fate sealed in fear.

Haunted by the past,
Spirits seek their revenge,
Horror's legacy.

In the abyss of dread,
Eternally they shall dwell,
A haunting encore.

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