Enroaching Shadow
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Some would think if one can not perceive, they can not bother us. Right?

Well, they're wrong. They do exist, in fact, it wants us to perceive. In order to find a gateway into our mind . I learned this a few months back, when one of them took control of my shadow and then attacked me. I can't recall most of our fight, nor who was the victor. But I do know one thing for certain. I no longer have a shadow. These creatures that want us to perceive them. They take control of our shadows to use as a gateway into our minds. Their motives are unclear. But, after the encounter I had with one I can feel the hold they still have on my shadow.

My shadow is not the only thing that is no longer in my possession, but my sense of self. I have no memory of a place I can return that I can call home. Or anyone I reconcile with when I am in need. The only information I have is my name and that I was a doctor of sorts. The latter is an assumption based on my attire. As if that creature robbed me of everything that made me feel like a person.

I became a vagrant moving from town to town and asking for help while I'm there. Instead the townsfolk gave me puzzled looks and many asked why I'm running from it. From the townsfolk I have learned that these creatures help you by opening every unopened doorway in your mind in exchange for something you value. If that was the case then why did it attack me? Or am I missing details and it didn't attack me at all? This has caused me to become weary of my own thoughts and the people around me.

These circumstances have led me to feel constant dread and curiosity. In which I must flee from. To always be on the run from the thing that stole from me. No matter where I hide, I sense it. Looming around the corner for me; as if it's a predator waiting on its prey to let their guard down. Ready to take away what's left of me. I have no clue of what'll happen when it does catch up.

I know I can not run forever. This apprehension has only grown stronger each step I take. But I have only gotten weaker, there's nothing I can do to change that. Should I truly give in and allow its control? Maybe my fears are irrational, perhaps it's chasing me for something bigger than I can imagine.

Regardless, I feel as if I took my last step. I can sense something behind me.

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